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    • undamned wrote:

      zerox_dogma wrote:

      I need buy some infinikeys but are out stock.
      Where I can buy 5 infinikey . I wrote undamned but never received answers.
      Patience, sir :) Was that you that wrote looking also for CPS1 InfiniKey? If so, that is the reason for delay.
      Paradise should re-stocking soon. I'm just waiting for payment before I ship out.
      Excellent. Thanks
    • undamned wrote:

      parodius wrote:

      I thought I read somewhere that the resistor you can find attached to the pins of cn2 on some rev 3/4 boards was there to help with key programming.
      Some Rev.3/4 have a pull-down resistor on the clock signal to lessen the chance of bogus bits getting written, but after loads of testing, I never found it necessary (for InfiniKey, at least). Konosuke's CPicS2 adds a series resistor to one of the programming signals, but I don't know which signal or if it would even help in this Asia board situation.-ud
      So your advice would be to just leave the resistor off? Found one in a rev 4.

      Edit: Nevermind, you call it out in your install video, so I'll take it off as well :)

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    • I'm having a problem with an Infinikey and a grey B board running Street Fighter Zero 2 (960227 ASIA)

      I'll first say that I've installed a few Infinikeys over the past few months but this is the first one that's given me a problem.

      The B board rev is 93646B-7

      From checking the MAME name for this code is SFZ2N - in the Infinikey Game Select file this refers to SZ2N

      So I set the jumpers accordingly by bridging the required pads - (numbered from 7 to 0) - 1010110

      I then removed the battery from the B board - I should say that before I removed the battery the game was working just fine.

      After removing the battery I shorted the three pins for EXC1 as I always do.

      I then installed the Infinikey to the rear of the board (CN9, orientation was correct, etc), plugged in the B board and got a slightly out of sync blank display. I re-checked the Infinikey instructions and realised that I had forgotten to jumper the pad for 'open for 93646B-5' - so I jumpered that. Powered on again - the sync was then stable but still a black screen.

      Checked everything again a few times and am now stumped.

      Any ideas please what could be wrong? I've had a long day and am a bit tired so maybe I've missed something obvious.

      EDIT: Forget all of the above, it was my mistake. As noted, I obtained the version of the game by looking at - this stated that the MAME name was SFZ2N. That's wrong as I discovered when running ROMIdent on a dump of program EPROM 3 - the ROMIdent name is SFZ2A. Once I set the jumpers for that on the Infinikey the board booted just fine.

      My apologies. Did I say I was tired? :)

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