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    What cabinet did Namco use in the early 00s in Japan? (System 246/256)

    This. You can still find them at different game centers in Japan.
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    Purpose of the "back up pcb" on a Taito g-net?

    I do have one with the backup board (well, i think i do,lol) if i can help with anything please let me know.
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    PGM makes it to the Switch!

    I had to look twice to the calendar to make sure we are past April 1st. Wasn't expecting this
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    Pandora Box equivalent for tate 15k/CRT Jamma?

    I've tried in the past to use Pandora DX with the pandory software in tate (i just need the games, don't care for the menu) with no success. looks like there is more than one DX version: - Family - Arcade I have the idea that only one can play games in TATE and i have the wrong version. Anyone...
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    Repair Log: Sega System 18 - Shadow Dancer and Moonwalker

    Awesome reading and good luck with the new parts :D
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    Snagged a few Neo Prints

    I do have a cart for the system. Any way to know what i have?
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    Asayuki's logic comparator Clone

    Just to make sure: Is the current table on the first post correct? Thanks
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    IGS PGM 3P/4P adapter on AliExpress

    Sorry for the off-topic but, where can i find your design PCB's? Are you still selling them? Thanks
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    Asayuki's logic comparator Clone

    Got the package today, haven't tried it yet but looks great. Already printed the other clips in an epoxy 3d printer. Although the picture is far from great, the resolution on these looks amazing :
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    Asayuki's logic comparator Clone

    "CONS – Jumpers are needed to configure the tool: they need to be fiddled with any time the reference IC is changed. A cheat sheet can be prepared to quickly search for the needed configuration based on the IC model, but that's just as much as one can do" Don't want to create off-topic content...
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    FS Asayuki's logic comparator Clone

    Hi, i want the "Built ones €45" plus the "20pin cable soldered €20" I will then try to replicate the other cables with the 3D printing solution. If it doesn't come up nice, i will order them from digikey. Thanks EDIT- I will get the built one, don't want to mess anything :D
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    FS Asayuki's logic comparator Clone

    I will take one unit when you have a new batch
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    FS Asayuki's logic comparator Clone

    Does this mean you won't supply the 14 and 16 pin cable kit? Any pictures or info about your kit? Congrats and thanks for the project :thumbup:
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    SSV - VASARA / VASARA2 Conversion with VISCO-JJ1

    I do own a Twin Eagle II, any use for that in terms of conversion? I have hope for a future "Multi project" on this platform...
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    PGM single game PCB interest check

    That would be great!
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    PGM single game PCB interest check

    Thanks for your reply, but i meant European Union. Uk is also a customs nightmare :( Thanks again
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    PGM single game PCB interest check

    Sorry for the question but the thread is long and i'm not familiar with it: Is anyone selling these in Europe? Thanks in advance and kind regards
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    WTB Pandora's Box 6 PCB (The Pink One)

    Seems like i was mistaken (insert face palm here). The model i have is the "DX", not the "6". Sorry for the thread hijack