1. kazuo

    FS Wardner / Pyros (Bootleg), Taito Type X2 Multi Game, Tiger Road, CPS3 Darksoft Multi Game

    Prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. I can ship overseas at additional cost. I accept F&F or Zelle only, sorry. I'm somewhat motivated to get rid of this stuff so SEND OFFERS! Thank you. Wardner / Pyros (Bootleg), big board with a bunch of TTLs! Has the "Wardner" title screen and plays in English...
  2. I

    Machine Comparisons

    Hello I hope this isn't considered a bad question to ask. To anyone who has used both real hardware and used the TeknoParrot emulator, could you tell me what you may have noticed the differences are? From what I read, TeknoParrot works differently than most emulators in that it's not exactly...
  3. A

    FS Taito Landing Gear PCB

    This is a (partially) tested working Taito Landing Gear PCB. This was tested by plugging it into my Densha De Go cabinet. Obviously I can't test controls this way. But I was able to coin up and start a game. I don't have pictures of it running so you'll have to take my word for it. The JC...
  4. A

    FS Cameltry PCB

    I have a single board version of Cameltry for sale. This is a US region board. Very rare! I think the board was NOS when I bought it, or at least was never used in an arcade setting (but I have no proof of this). At the very least, it is super clean and works perfect. Pics are from when it was...
  5. SnakeGrunger

    FS Reproduction Taito Vewlix LED Strips,

    As the title says ! https://pxlmod.com/ Available on my website, brand new, in stock ready to ship. Feel free to ask any questions !
  6. Softdrink

    FOUND Taito Type X2 Hard Drive Panel & Wood Mount Brackets

    Looking for the formed metal panel that holds hard drives for a Type X2 motherboard. I don't need a drive, just the raised panel itself. Also looking for the brackets used to mount the motherboard to a board for vertical installation inside a cabinet. I've actually found a couple of these for...
  7. Scillianaire

    SOLVED - Taito Orange Diamond Vewlix Brook Universal Fighting Board Compatability

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqpQKlT1Y0Q
  8. Dloop

    FS Taito Type X3 + multi

    I have a Taito Type X3, puzzle and dragons editions, that I have for sale. I've bought a 1TB disk for it, and installed the ARTAX multi on it which will come with the system. What I'm looking to get is 400 euro + shipping (price adding the cost of the disk, can sell for a bit cheaper without...
  9. Scillianaire

    Game Pad Joint PCB Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Does anyone know exactly what this board does especially the circled socket? https://imgur.com/a/A9tWySF
  10. Scillianaire

    Brook UFB in an Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Has anyone tried to put a UFB into an orange / black diamond vewlix cabinet? One that is natively USBIO. I would love to switch between the type X3 multi and home console play but haven’t been able to run a brooks in there so far as I’ve tried. Worked fine in my blue diamond. Any thoughts?
  11. L

    SOLD Original Bubble Bobble + Adapter

    I've not had this board too long and it took a while to find, but truth be told I'm looking for something a little different at the mo that fits better into my current play style. Bubble Bobble board is in very nice original condition - no dust, goo or Pepsi! This is the U.S revision and...
  12. Nomax

    FS [Group buy] New Vewlix monitor upgrade kits

    The second group buy of official Taito Vewlix replacement monitor kits has started! This official drop-in monitor upgrade for Taito Vewlix offers a fast response time, low lag display at 1080p resolution with vivid colours. It has better performance than the stock Vewlix DIA Black monitor...
  13. SnakeGrunger

    FS FS : Taito Vewlix adapter kit for Sega JVS I/O boards

    As the title suggest, I've designed and made a few adapter kits to mount standard JVS I/Os into a Taito Vewlix 'G' style control panel mount. You can order them from here : https://pxlmod.com/products/taito-vewlix-sega-jvs-i-o-adapter-kit Any question please feel free to ask !
  14. DRI374

    WTB Looking for a Taito Egret II (got a NAC instead)

    Hey! I just wanted to throw out some feelers here if there's any chance anyone is in the market to sell their Taito Egret II. I'm mostly looking for a nice one that doesn't need any work anywhere across the US (I'll arrange all shipping). Single or dual control panel doesn't matter.
  15. Dloop

    SOLD Egret 3 Illumination Panel

    Selling my pretty much pristine original Egret 3 panel, as I have no need for it any longer. As you can see on the picture, the color and plastic is in really good shape. All legs are whole and in great shape, except one of the edge legs which is broken off. Edit: Decided to stick with it, in...
  16. A

    FS Egret II original power supply

    For sale is the original Matsushita (Panasonic) manufactured power supply used in Taito Egret II cabinets, and some other Taito cabinets such as Densha De GO. All four power supplies have been fully recapped with high quality Panasonic FM and FR capacitors. The large filter cap has been...
  17. jermz1

    Taito Station Power Game Park, Irem, Konami, Atlus, Segasammy, Namco Land, Bandai Namco, Namco Amusement Space, Game, Sega, Club Sega, HEY Banners

    Noticed these banners have not been made. I still have some tweaking to do. Attached some references. https://ibb.co/q7c60fk https://ibb.co/kxS1kMy https://ibb.co/m8ScMgy https://ibb.co/2ZfKRZn
  18. westillplay


  19. A

    FS Egret II official cabinet stepdown transformer

    For sale are 4 official Taito transformers. These were removed from my Egret II cabinets, as they aren't needed in the US and are not present on Egret II's that were sold for use in Japan. Why would you want these? If you have a JDM Egret II cabinet in a 220v country, here's your way to get an...
  20. L

    Setting up Net Citys for Head to Head

    Just picked up these two cabinets and the seller told us that they had they ability to set up Head to Head though he never attempted it himself. Made an attempt ourselves but unsuccessful. Looking for any guidance over what we may have over looked. Also, the end goal is to attempt to use this...