1. Dloop

    WTS: Taito Egret 3 original control panel

    Selling a Taito Egret 3 2 player, 12 button panel, together with Sanwa sticks and buttons. The panel is in great shape and original. 400 euro + shipping
  2. beast1x5

    Taito Type X setup help

    I recently purchased a taito type X from sophia corp and I also purchased a multigame HDD from arcademodbios. for some reason when starting up tetris the grandmaster 3 it gives an error message then booting back to the game selection menu. the only game working with this Multi kit is GigaWing...
  3. dnphamus13

    Taito Universal JVS PCBs & F-Zero AX Control Panel

    - Taito Universal JVS PCBs (Part Numbers: J9100576A, K91X1130A or K91X1040A) or from Half-Life 2 Arcade (Part Numbers: K91X1066D & K91X1066B). Willing to pay $75 USD - F-Zero AX Control Steering Panel. Sold my cab to make room in the garage, now regretting it. Need control panel with wires...
  4. Mattroid

    Bubble Bobble High Score / Special Item Counter Save Kit

    Not sure if anyone here would have any interest in working on such a project, but it's one that has a lot of interest, just not by the right technical people, haha. So apparently Dave Widel might have made a Bubble Bobble high score save kit some time ago, but as far as I know what was made was...