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Jun 12, 2015
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Hello everyone,

Mitsu and I manage to get a small stock of B-21 chips and have decided to make a small batch of brand new PCBs with a "refurbished" B-21. You can see pictures below.

All parts in this PCB except the B-21 are new, so we expect these to last a bit. Price per unit is 60 USD + 10 USD flat shipping for up to 4 units. We are sendint to USA for now and in a few weeks to other locations too.

PM if you are interested. Thanks!

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Cool stuff!

If you haven't done so already you might wanna test/verify that those 40 pin connectors don't allow the board being inserted off-by-one pin into the B boards. I was originally using ones like where it doesn't have the extra plastic at the top/bottom with openkey, but found it was pretty easy to insert them off-by-one. An off-by-one insert causes a direct short to ground.

I have a specific note and pic about it at the bottom of my BOM.

We have two keyed connectors per repro. If you plug it in wrong then you probably REALLY forced it in with unnatural force.
Im not suggesting rotated 180, but just shifted down/up 1 row of pins. Mine had keys too, but they weren't enough to prevent the single row shift
I'll check but we will definitely add in the instructos to take your time and line everything up regardless.

The original connectors are still available but damn they are super costly.
They are keyed. As Mitsu said 2 of them have a notch, not only to avoid that they are inserted rotated 180º but also that they enter into the right position.

Anyways, I think it's common sense and mandatory that you check after you plug it in that all pins are in the right position.
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I've received the blanks for final version. I'm assembling 30 units for Europe and will send them to Darksoft. USA customers can order now.

Some have asked to buy a repro without the b21 chip so they can swap the chip from their beat up c-board to a new repro. Yes. We will sell those fully assembled except the b21 for $35 each plus shipping.
Can I still buy one or are they all already reserved?