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Mar 3, 2018
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I needed to perform a trackball to joystick conversion on my CABAL PCB recently and figured I'd document the process here, in case anyone else needs to do it.

Information gathered from here: http://elgensrepairs.blogspot.com/2013/04/tad-cabal-trackball-to-joystick.html
  • You will need 4 x 27512 EPROMS and a suitable eraser / programmer
  • 1 x LS74244
  • Pin connector headers, male, 2.54mm pitch
  • ROMS 6, 7, 8, 9 on the CABAL PCB need to be removed and replaced with ROMS from the CABAL WORLD JOYSTICK ROMSET
    • CABAL ROM 6 = 10.6j
    • CABAL ROM 7 = 11.6h
    • CABAL ROM 8 = 12.7j
    • CABAL ROM 9 = 13.7h
  • The 2 socketed D4701AC's on the main CABAL PCB (they're near the Jamma connector) need to be removed and replaced with the JOYSTICK SUB PCB
  • For the roll feature, run a patch wire from Jamma pin 15 to Jamma pin 24 (TEST SWITCH TO P1B3) & Jamma pin R to Jamma pin b (SERVICE SWITCH TO P2B3)
The original TAD joystick sub board is pictured below:

Credit @caius - http://www.jammarcade.net/cabal-joystick-sub-board-reproduction/


I've recreated this PCB and am providing the Gerber files for free, so you can order and assemble it yourself:


Gerber files here: View attachment Gerber_PCB_CABAL.zip

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Done! Sorry about that, I didn't even realise where the picture came from, just did a quick Google Image search for an original PCB.
Thanks to @rsignal for trying these and pointing out some minor routing errors and spacing issues.

I've since fixed the design and corrected the schematic, ordered the new PCBs myself and tested. All perfect now. Main post has been updated accordingly.

A few extra screenshots to aid in assembly and fitment.

I just give stuff away for free. :P

I should look into an online store...
sounds good,
i'v been thinking for over a year now that i should copy my files to some public place.
mostly not mine,
but there is some reverse engineered stuff and a stripboard design for a colout monitor interface for b&w gameboards.