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So let me get this straight, this essentially turns your CPS1 DASH nto a CPS1.5?
Am I reading this correctly?
Absolutely Beautiful!!! Will the interest list that was started way back when still be used to determine our spot in line, or will you start a new one? Thanks for the update, I really needed something to look forward to!!!
Price will be slightly higher than anticipated as it has now the Qsound part integrated.
What kind of price you thinking, approximately? Would be good to know a roundabout number to start saving towards.
So in. I love the Darksoft multis just for convenience. I still collect the original games, but I use the multi kits to play them more often than not. Not only is it playing all these games on real arcade hardware, but switching games takes little to no time. It's truly the best way to maximize your home arcade potential. With the capcom stuff it also removes much of the maintenance headache that most people just can't or won't undertake.
What if it has a B-21 C Board with no battery, still ok?
Damn. I have all the CPS1 games I wanted but with 1.5 support I don’t think I can pass this up.

Amazing work as always. Can’t wait!
i cant wait to get this and get rid of my damn 14-in-1 china CPS1 !!!
great work @Darksoft and co, it looks fantastic.
Can you mix and match any A board and an appropriate C board? I might have access to just an A and I could get one of those C boards off of Ebay.
Really amazing and big ! Huge work ! 😎
Thanks Nicolas
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Looking nice!
Good to see you went ahead with the DSP idea, So you are running on external code, why not pre-programmed?

14-in-1 china CPS1 !!!

Try and get the super pang version from here dumped if you can before getting rid :)