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I already have one but may be up for a second just to have a spare or put with a second board set I have.
When will the second run for the DECO Cassette System Multigame Kit be available?
@Darksoft I am finally getting this tested after moving my place, and i found 3 of these -8 Systems :D

i think i was one of the original 5? or pre-5 ? not sure, been pretty long time, is there any updated Bios images i need to burn?
Well, no go :(



Same error on both working cages..

:cursing: ;(
So, looks like i got this pretty early in the release... ( 11/27/2017 )

Confirmed Bios Chip & Game rom are 100% match to above posted and the one he posted in Troubleshooting..

I noticed my EEPROM was actually blank... I wonder if the Xilinx is blank too :(
WOOHOO! ok, checked voltage at Bios Chip, was 4.8V, bumped up the PSU to 5.1v @ bios rebooted and Bam! now working!


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Yeah you gotta check behind Darksoft on his soldering. :P
Yeah you gotta check behind Darksoft on his soldering. :P
I thought you did all the soldering :P he was just the design guy. i have had to do that a few times.. My CPS2 had soldering issues, and a few of my Naomi CF had soldering issues..
The first batch of DECO was soldered by DS. I soldered a second batch that hasn't ben sold because the programming is not done.
If any of that programming ever gets finished on the second batch consider one of those sold. I will keep waiting until it’s ready.