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@Darksoft, please put me down on the buyer's list for the next run of your kit. I recently purchased a nice DECO cassette cabinet and can't wait to enjoy all the games on this platform.

Thanks for your hard work on this project!
Does it matter which order the boards are plugged into the frame or do they have to go into a specific slot?

Could this new beta software presage a release of new multi systems ? Fingers crossed and hoping I can get one.
So loaded this up, played a bunch of games, however, it doesn't like one of my cages, random glitches, it appears to have some bad ram.. Wonder how hard it would be to write an "Advanced" memory test?... did you add a way to get back to the main menu? ( maybe use the service switch to reboot? ) ..

good thing that it works well for you.

We never thought of making a Test tool but we will see. In any case now we can simply add games anytime.
For anyone with a DECO Multi, please check the first post with new BETA files for BIOS and EPROM.

Let us know how this works for you please.

Grabbed these files and burned everything to chips only to realize the BIOS file is 2x too large... <X
Both styles of cages, PHAT and SLIM, use 2716 BIOS EPROMs. Your new BIOS is a 2732, which does not boot on either style.
I tried them anyway, even though the pinout is slightly different (pin20 and pin21).

What am I supposed to do with these 2732 BIOS chips? Did you make a 2716 BIOS file?
I've lately been only working on the SLIM version. The bios chip is a 2732 and first perfectly there, it's the setup that I have. It installs on the board labled RMS8. The bios is no far from dip switch 1.

Off the top of my head, but maybe @hamster or @Mitsurugi-w can elaborate, in the PHAT version, there are 2 chips, IIRC you need to split them in 2 parts and then plug in place of P0 and P1 on the DSP3 board.