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Both flavours of the Neo Cart are definitely the most requested item on the store… let’s hope the parts shortage doesn’t affect the Multis too much!
If it’s just a case of increased cost as opposed to pure component unavailability, I’m sure there are still people keen to pay the current asking rates 👍
For those in the USA joe at highscoresaves found one mvs in his back stock yesterday. Thought I’d bump this so someone on the forums could be the lucky buyer: https://highscoresave.com/darksoft-neo-geo-multi-mvs-cart/

I would have but shipping to UK is too high :( and with the multi already being more expensive than before. Hope ds can get round to squeezing another batch of MultiMVS and AES between CPS1 and his next major multi
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I saw the post here and by the time I got done waffling around about whether or not I wanted one... sold out.

Made my final decision to not buy a lot easier! LOL
lol, sorry... I was surprised to see that the listing was still there 10 hours after the post about it!

I'd have thought it would be snapped up within minutes/hours!

All good! Happy for you and you were more decisive than I was, so you obviously wanted it more. :) I will get one eventually!

Have fun with it!
Who's the best person to speak to about trying to get some stuff fixed on this MVS multi :(

I literally got the package a few minutes ago and after opening it up I could see that half of the SD card slot was not visible, so I opened the unit to see if the PCB had moved or if the slot had simply snapped free... and the slot itself is broken and partially detached :(

I also found what I believe is component C20 (very tiny capacitor??) sitting loose inside the cartridge. Not sure if this was from me unscrewing the case, or if it was already loose prior?

I'm guessing both could likely be replaced easy enough??

That sucks @DRAGONKZ , I know how excited you were about this one.

When opening the Multi MVS you have to be careful to slide the PCB out to avoid snapping the SD card slot as it slots into the cartridge shell. This damage sounds like it occured during shipping anyhows. I would contact HighScoreSaves first, but if needed I can help out mate.

Perhaps @xodaraP can perform the repair as it's a little higher level than I'm comfortable to perform and he has some nice new tools.

@Darksoft you can send parts to me with Multi shipments to pass on if needed.
The damaged SD card slot was there when I unwrapped it, so likely can only be a manufacturing/shipping issue, but given how it’s all packaged it seems odd to have it snap off during transit? 🤷‍♂️

The other broken bit could have been me, but seems odd on both accounts (me breaking or shipping breaking) but I’m fine to wear that cost given the unknown.

I will reach out to HSS, but given there is no stock of these and the cost involved in shipping back, it’s likely worth just trying to get the broken bits replaced locally 👍
Hello guys

Any idea when saveyourgames.it stock will be upgraded (next month or later) ? No cart available at this time.

Thanks !
This has been addressed a few times previously in the thread. Parts shortage, DS isn't sure if/when more will be made.