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Mar 29, 2017
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Well now that’s got your attention I’d better give you the background. I’m looking to move on my MVS collection but rather than break it down piecemeal I thought I’d see if there is anyone out there who:

a). wants to start, or add to an existing MVS Collection, or
b). wanted to cherry-pick and then flip the leftovers (Booo!... Frowned upon!!!!), or
c). wants an investment and is happy to sit on them for a few years

Obviously, a collection this size isn’t going to be cheap so it would need someone with very deep pockets or loads of room on a credit card.

So, why am letting them go? I have been collecting MVS Carts on & off for many years now and up until 2019 I had a lovely Electrocoin midi MVS cab, but I had to let it go due to the family growing and needing the space. So, the games have been sitting on the lower shelves in my office unused gathering dust for the last 3 years. They really need a new home (..or homes) and be enjoyed as they were intended - on real arcade kit).

I’ve included a photo of the games and some of the extra’s I have knocking about. To price them – I looked at the last sold price on ebay worldwide for carts/kits of the same condition/combinations then knocked off approximately 15% to get it to what I believe to be fair forum prices.

I’ve done my best to catalogue the details and conditions of each game in the table below:

2020 Super BaseballENGN/ACart OnlyGood
3 Count BoutENGYesKITGoodSNK - Reissue Kit - Full
Aero Fighters 2ENGYesCart OnlyGood
Alpha Mission IIENGN/ACart OnlyGood
Andro DunosENGN/ACart OnlyGood
Art of FightingENGYesKITGoodFull - Non-Matching - Out by 1
Art of Fighting 2ENGNoCart OnlyLabel
Baseball Stars ProfessionalENGN/ACart OnlyGood
Blazing StarENGYesKITV GoodMatching - Serial 751 - Writing on side
Burning FightENGN/ACart OnlyGoodMM
Crossed SwordsENGN/ACart OnlyGoodMM
Double DragonENGYesCart OnlyLabel
Fatal FuryENGN/ACart OnlyLabel
Fatal Fury 2ENGYesCart OnlyGood
Fatal Fury 3JAPYesCart OnlyLabel
Fatal Fury SpecialENGNoCart OnlyGood
Garou MotWENGYesCart OnlyGoodRepro MM
Ghost PilotsENGN/ACart OnlyGoodMM
IroncladENGNoCart OnlyCustomRepro MM
Kabuki KlashENGYesKITLabelKIT - Not Matching - MM & INST
Karnovs RevengeENGYesCart OnlyOK
King of Monsters 2ENGN/ACart OnlyGood
Last ResortENGN/ABigBoxGoodMM
League BowlingENGN/ABigBoxGood
Metal SlugENGYesBigBoxGoodMM
Metal Slug 2ENGYesBigBoxGood
Metal Slug 3ENGYesBigBoxGood
Metal Slug 4ENGYesKITGoodFull - Matching
Metal Slug XENGYesBigBoxGood
NAM-1975ENGN/ACart OnlyGood
Neo Geo CupENGYesKITGoodFull - Matching
Neo Turf MastersENGYesBigBoxGood
Ninja CombatENGN/ACart OnlyGood
Panic BomberENGYesCart OnlyGood
POP N BounceENGYesCart OnlyGood
Power Spikes IIENGN/ACart OnlyGood
Puzzle BobbleENGN/AKITGoodFull
Puzzle Bobble 2ENGYesCart OnlyGood
Puzzle de PonENGYesCart OnlyGood
RagnagardJAPNoCart OnlyRepro
Real Bout Fatal Fury SpecialENGNoCart OnlyRepro
Robo ArmyENGYesKITGoodMatching - Writing on Box
Samurai ShowdownENGYesCart OnlyLabelMM (JAP)
Samurai Showdown IIIENGYesCart OnlyGood
Samurai Showdown IVJAPRepoCart OnlyGood
Samurai Spirits 2JAPN/ACart OnlyGood
Savage ReignENGYesCart OnlyGood
Shock TroopersENGYesKITGoodNon-Matching - Out by 2
Soccer BrawlENGN/ACart OnlyGoodMM
Sonic Wings 3JAPNoCart OnlyOK
Stake WinnerJAPN/ACart OnlyGood
Street HoopENGNoCart OnlyLabel
Super Side KicksENGYesCart OnlyGood
Super Side Kicks 2ENGYesCart OnlyGoodMM & Instructions & Stickers
Techmo World Soccer 96ENGNoCart OnlyGoodMM & Instructions
The Last BladeENGNoBigBoxGood
The Last Blade 2JAPNoBigBoxRepro
The Super SpyENGN/ACart OnlyGood
Thrash RallyENGNoCart OnlyLabel
TKOF 2003ENGYesCart OnlyGood
TKOF 94ENGYesCart OnlyGood
TKOF 95ENGYesCart OnlyGood
TKOF 96ENGYesCart OnlyGood
TKOF 98ENGYesCart OnlyGood
TKOF 99ENGNoCart OnlyRepro
Top Players GolfENGNoCart OnlyLabel
View PointENGN/AKITGoodRepro Kit
Waku Waku 7JAPYesCart OnlyGoodRepro MM
WindJammersENGYesCart OnlyGoodMM & Dip
World HeroesENGN/ACart OnlyGood
World Heroes 2ENGYesCart OnlyGood
World Heroes 2 JetENGYesCart OnlyGood
Zed BladeENGNoCart OnlyRepro


So, the question – what do I want for all of them (excluding P&P)? Well… an eye watering £6,750.00… yep, I know…..! But based on the last sold fleabay prices and the 15% reduction that’s the price that landed.

I imagine that some might not agree with how I got to this figure and that’s fine. Obviously, if you are a serious about purchasing all the games you’re welcome to look through current (last 2 months) sold listings on different forums and let me know what you arrive at for all the games.

If you do think it’s fair and are interested in everything (not just a few ‘here-and-there’) please do drop me a PM and we can get something sorted. Ideally this will be a cash/transfer on collection agreement. Or, should you want them posted/collected it will be up to the buyer to arrange this themselves after purchase, I’ll happily box them up securely, but you will need to arrange collection (Caterham, Surrey. UK)

I’m going to let this run for about a month on a few different forums and if there are no serious bites, I’ll remove the post and start a new one with the individual games listed. Please do NOT contact me about individual prices for the games until then.

Who knows there might be someone out there for my collection

All the best

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