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Sep 16, 2015
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Yokosuka, Japan

CPS2 Metal Protective Case/Enclosure.

The Capcom Play System 2, also known as the CPS2, is an incredibly popular arcade platform amongst arcade hobbyists. With the Darksoft MultiKit, real arcade hardware use at home and in tournaments has never been easier. I designed the first CPS2 case years ago to solve a need I had, to put my multikit in a nice complete case. The design was simple, clean, and offered an easy way to protect your hardware. In 2021 and 2022, I made some updates to the case to include:

- D size cutout to support an HDMI passthrough
- 2x 12mm button for the DigitalAV controls.
- Refined bottom mounting points using metric fasteners and a slightly altered layout due to some fitment issues identified. (I bought a second CPS2 A board to measure and averaged the two I have to finalize the mounting points).
- New rear cutout around the JAMMA edge to provide more protection.

Case Details:
  • Cold Rolled Steel, powder coated finish.
  • All graphics are digitally printed direct to the case. No stickers!
  • Supports the DigitalAV with HDMI port and 2x 12mm Button Cutouts.
  • Support fan mounting to promote airflow.
  • Requires you to modify the MultiKit screen with a right angle pin header for the IDC cable. This ensure the cable and such remains inside the case and not exposed.
  • Access to JAMMA Edge, Audio Output, and Kick Harness.
  • Rubber feet on the bottom.
  • Simple two piece design.
What you will receive: CPS2 Case with basic assembly hardware.


Link: https://jasenscustomsarchive.com/product/capcom-cps2-arcade-pcb-case/

Run Status: OPEN FOR ORDERS THROUGH 15 DECEMBER 2022. Production begins that day.
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A number of new cases have shipped to customers and are or will be arriving soon. Please check your order history page under MY ACCOUNT for tracking info! I still have more tracking #s to put in over the next day or two. I would love to see pictures of your completed builds!
Just a reminder, the next batch of CPS2 cases that were ordered closed on 15 December. They should ship out just after the new year due to all the holidays and time off and stuff. Happy Holidays!
If anyone wants a CPS2 Case blue/black for a discount, I have one that has a slight scuff on it (rather unnoticeable but not to my standards for new) available. $30 off - use the code BLEMISHEDCPS2 on check out for the CPS2 case and you got it! I only have 1 and the coupon only works once. This will be limited to US/JAPAN only.
Sorry for the relative quietness from me over the past months. A lot has changed! I am back in the US, retired from the Navy, started a new career as a Senior Military Ops Analyst, bought a house, adopted more kitties, and expanded the Panzer Fight Stick line up a lot!

I have opened up CPS1, CPS2, and CPS3 case orders for the last time in 2023 for those still looking to get them. Take a look here:


Oh... I even updated my website too :)
I ordered mine, luckily the blue/yellow combo is what I needed! (I missed out last time as you said blue/yellow combo had been stopped) 👍