1. Jigfer

    FS Irem, Namco System 1, CPS2, Sega 16, Taito F3

    I'm looking to sell some multigames. I have waaaaaaaay too stuff in my basement. Retro gaming lead me to retro arcades, which lead me to pinball, which took all of my time and money! I'm not sure what to ask for all of them, as I don't see listings for comparison and these multiboards seem to...
  2. W


    Hello friends, I have a problem with sound initialization and BAD ram memory on a B cps2 board, marvel vs capcom game. I've already done several checks. - I tested the card on another board A and the same problem occurs; - I've already changed Roms 11 and 12, Roms 1 and 2, pal G, 74lS257 and...
  3. pixelvsprintdot

    Hyper Street Fighter 2 -JP- CPS2 fake or real?

    Hi everyone, I have a Hyper SF2 jp board that I'm 90% sure is fake but I don't know enough to make a definitive call. I have maybe 17 CPS2 boards and this is the only one with chips like this - but maybe it is because this was at the end of the CPS2's production life cycle? The game label...
  4. tDRG

    WTB Gem Fighter CPS2, FotNS & SamSho6 Atomiswave

    I'm looking for a few boards. Working, original, non-converted, and clean please. Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix - CPS2 (US blue, battery or Infinikey/Openkey preferred but Phoenix considered) Samurai Shodown VI - Atomiswave Original cart and original label (US/English label preferred). Fist...
  5. I

    WTB CPS2 Full Kits

    Looking to buy CPS2 full kits with box and artwork if anyone has any they want to sell. looking for Street Fighter Zero or Japanese versions mostly. Thanks for looking
  6. I

    WTB WTB CPS2 A Board Japan (Green)

    I’m looking for any CPS2 A boards for sale. Green preferred.
  7. Matan

    SOLD CPS2 Marvel vs. Capcom (A+B boards) - updated price

    Up for sale: Marvel vs. Capcom CPS2 A+B boards in excellent condition!!! The boards are in perfect working condition and stored in a non-smoking, climate-controlled environment. Listing includes: 1. Marvel vs Capcom B board 2. USA A board 3. Two (2) metal clips 4. New battery and battery...
  8. pixelvsprintdot

    How to safely take apart a cps2 B/game shell?

    Hi all, So here is my question, I have a few CPS2 games, and it's real hit or miss when I open them whether or not the plastic hooks connecting the black bottom shell to the colored top of the shell break when I open them. Is there a technique you all have found to keep these hooks from...
  9. pixelvsprintdot

    HAS button 6 active with CPS2 games???

    HI all, I'm getting a super odd thing on my HAS, the P1 and P2 buttons 6's are always active. I have tried my own wires from the A board to the has AND the official HAS kick harness - still happens with both I have tried using different A boards and different games. - still happens I have...
  10. pixelvsprintdot

    CPS2 odd graphical errors

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone has an idea about what might be these graphical errors with my CPS2 stuff: I have my boards connected to the supergun and running at 5V I cleaned the Jamma edge with DeOxit the A board looks like it's in perfect condition, but I know that doesn't really...
  11. pixelvsprintdot

    Hi everyone!

    Hi All, asked a few questions already but still very new here and to all this stuff. Im currently collecting CPS2 with an unreasonable focus on Darkstalkers games. I'm also collecting CPS2 fighting game kits like move lists, pops, posters, and whatever else shipped at part of the game when sent...
  12. R

    CPS2 Digital AV back in stock

    Figured this was worth a post. The CPS2 Digital AVs are back in stock. Looks like they will get more if this initial stock runs out. https://videogameperfection.com/products/cps2-cps3-digital-av-interface-diy-kit/
  13. Tkat2600


    300.00 SHIPPED. Has Infinikey installed no need for battery. WORKS GREAT!!!! Part of my personal collection. comes with all cabinet art for the candy cab you put it in. Comes in original box. GAME BOARD ONLY!!! If you want the CPS2 A BOARD its an extra 180.00 MSG me if you want this.
  14. maiden2099

    SOLD CPS2 Darksoft Multi

    CPS2 Darksoft Multi - $900 + Shipping - Paypal Resin 3D Printed LCD Case Extra Long ribbon cable for Control Panel Mounting Original Mounting Brackets New Fan Installed Original ROM's from Marvel Super Heros Vs Street Fighter USA B Board
  15. pixelvsprintdot

    what is the safest way to clean CPS2 shells and boards?

    Hi everyone, I have a few CPS2 games with varying degrees of dirtiness, nicotine, & coffee satins. I was wondering if anyone knows the safest way to clean shells without harming the shell. Also, the safest way to clean the PCB? is it still alcohol and a cotton swab? I've seen some folks saying...
  16. R

    FS CPS2, Atomiswave, Neo Geo MVS and more

    Looking to offload some of my extra games. Shipping Not Included. Please let me know if any of my prices are off. I'm open to offers too, especially if you buy multiple. See pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ftLzFr6f7gS1wuV49 CPS2: Marvel Super Heroes w/ InfiniKey B board -- $225...
  17. JasenHicks

    Jasen's Customs: CPS2 Case Thread

    CPS2 Metal Protective Case/Enclosure. The Capcom Play System 2, also known as the CPS2, is an incredibly popular arcade platform amongst arcade hobbyists. With the Darksoft MultiKit, real arcade hardware use at home and in tournaments has never been easier. I designed the first CPS2 case years...
  18. pixelvsprintdot

    Did Capcom ever convert or reused shells for games?

    Hi everyone, first time posting here! So I have a question, did CAPCOM ever convert or reused shells for games? Here is my dilemma I bought this US Darkstalkers B board from a chap on the electronic bay. He says he thinks it’s a legit board. But when I got it, it looked off. I can tell...
  19. R

    Capcom CPS1 HDMI Bracket for use with CPS2Digital AV

    Hey all. I was installing my CPS2Digital AV MOD into the CPS1 board and noticed the entire mod rests on only 3 pin headers with no other support, so I decided to make an HDMI bracket to hold the board in place and relieve the pressure off the pin headers. I have no clue if the mounting...
  20. jcmorrisii

    SOLD  CPS2 (CAVE) Progear - Blue Board A+B on Original Battery

    EDIT: SOLD on 9/28/22 to @GoldenGlover for $1250 Its REALLY hard to part with this one ;( but the time has come to pass this grail on to someone else who will appreciate it and enjoy as much as I did over the years! I want to make sure whomever buys this will keep it alive so many others can...