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Apologies, was reading the thread but no idea how that message got there.

You don't have vinyl press yet? ;) :D

Anyway, in topic: need to recap my Naomi some day and see if it works fine... Then I'll at least need the CF-thingy.

I'm drowning with projects though, might be good idea to send all over to someone who takes the money and gets the sh*t done...
Recently bought a 1.02 256mb Dimm along with a couple 256mb Infineon RAM sticks to make it a 512mb unit. I'll have to send it in sometime along with grabbing the CF card kit. Also would a multibios chip be my best bet to put in my Naomi board too?
Multibios works with most games and I would say is the best option. It's possible you have to swap your bios chip sometimes depending on the games you wish to play.
Also I have another question, Mitsurugi. I got in some 512mb Cisco CF cards. If I were to send them to you with my Dimm, would it be possible to have you install games on them, and how much would it be if so?
Are you still doing it? I finally have the extra money and promised myself I'd finally get my Naomi 2 up and running this year.
Hi Mitsurugi. Are you still doing this CF card reader for Naomi ?
Would like to go this way rather than netbooting to replace my old GD drive.