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Please add me to the list when perorders open.

Thank you
Love the CPS2 Multi. Can't wait for this CPS3 solution. Put me down for a set.
Ohhh come on @djsheep you are dying to show some pictures ;) Be my guest.
The hype is 1000% real and justified.

IMO the upgrade is definitely worth the price of admission. I honestly felt like I haven't enjoyed the library on the CPS-3 due to the loading times. I've played every game obviously, but I always reflash back to Third Strike. This has changed all that and I've found myself exploring the library a lot more and game hopping depending on how I feel when I sit down to game.

A simple flick of a DIP or two and I'm in any one of 8 slots. I've tested this thing fairly extensively over the past two days with no issues thus far. I'll be giving my full attention testing (all regions, all games, all characters, full play throughs) over the coming week.

I'll also be doing a install video and writing up instructions soon. If anyone has any questions or wants to see anything, please let me know! It'll be on the test bench for quite some time.

Amazing work as always @Darksoft