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Mar 3, 2018
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Australia - Adelaide
Purchased and received this tonight. A Sovol SV-01.

Seems to be a team that branched off from Creality. They use and supply Creality components but their first printer is something different. It resembles an Ender 3 or perhaps more a CR-10 and has really nice out of the box features. Basically a stock printer with all the optional extras / mods that people apply to their Ender printers.

Dual Z axis.
Direct drive extrusion.
Filament runout detection, thermal protection, power off resume.
Heated glass bed.
Mean Well power supply.
Large build volume.
BL Touch levelling ready.

Early days but first impressions are great. Excellent packaging, high build quality and my first test print came out amazing. Great support and communication from the Sovol team too.

Worth checking out if you're in the market for a decent budget printer.
Starting download… 74957271_10218621875591114_2471356445912727552_n.jpg
Wow, and only $300? Sounds like a great deal!

Keep us posted with your impressions as you continue to use it. :thumbup:
So far still very impressed by this printer.

Benchy print with a slightly out of level bed, cheap filament and stock settings and it still turned out near perfect.
Performed an easy upgrade, installed a BL Touch for more accurate bed levelling. Works wonders!

Enjoying printing a lot more with a decent printer, my other printer was starting to frustrate me and put me off the hobby.

ordered one of these too. Looking forward to it. Will be my first printer.
Are you using the glass print bed that comes with the printer or are you using a different one?
Glass bed that comes with the printer, it's really good. Nice finish on your prints and great adhesion. Let prints cool down for a few minutes before attempting to remove them.
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Only $255 now. I think I'm going to give one of these a whirl.
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Pretty darn good price.

I'm printing something cool, 8 hour print, will update here if it turns out.

The printer ticks all the boxes and there's nothing else with comparable features within the same price point.

Large build volume
Direct drive extrusion
Heated glass bed
Dual Z axis motors

Easy upgrade path for BL Touch and silent motherboard.

Go for it!
got mine yesterday. This is my first 3D printer, so really excited about that. Putting it together was quite easy and the first test print of that sovol cube came out nice. The prints really stick to that print bed.

Any advice on splicing software? I installed Cura and the Prusa Splicer. Would also be interested in your profiles. For now I just followed the Sovol Manual on the Cura settings.
I use Cura. Be mindful that earlier revisions of the Sovol manual contained an error regarding Cura settings. It should be 280 240 300 for the XYZ dimensions. They said they've rectified this now but not sure when the correction kicked in.

Join their FB user group, tons of useful info, downloads and profiles in there.
Looks nice Frank, which other printers do you have experience with? I've been on the fence for one of these, almost ordered a CR-10 before, but didn't in the end.

Would you say this is a good first printer? Maybe @nnap can say something about that as well :)
Excellent first printer. 95% assembled, all the features you want with no need to mod like the Creality printers which tend to sub perform until mods are applied, great performance and price.

It's great as it prints so well with very little user intervention required and won't frustrate you like the cheaper ones.

This is my second printer. My first printer was a Cocoon Model Maker and that thing almost put me off the hobby.

Here's my first detailed print, just finished now. 3D printed photo of my best friend licking my icecream stick.
That is really nice. Did you use a specific software to create the model for this?

the error is still in the Manual. Have to update my profile with the correct dimensions.

@Sp33dFr34kI am really impressed with the results that I got from my first prints. Setup was quite easy. Getting to know the slicing software now.
Here's a better pic with softer lighting.


It's called a Lithophane print. You take a photo and convert it into a model, 3D print it, shine light from behind and voila. It's amazing and you can make some really cool things with it.

See here for details:

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Thanks guys, sounds good! Guess I know how I'll be spending my money :)
It's very handy having a 3D printer, especially in this hobby.

It comes mostly assembled. Just take your time assembling the rest and go over every screw to make sure they're tight. Check tension of belts and eccentric nuts for the rubber roller wheels to ensure a firm grip on the frame.

Be thorough with the Z stop switch. Set it at the correct height and don't rush it. A mistake here will result in a nasty scratch in your glass bed if the printing nozzle sits too low.
Pilled the trigger on one. This will be my first 3D printer. I'm pretty excited about this.
Same yeah.

Printer + bed leveling sensor + three 1kg spools of filament, $325 with free shipping
I got mine today. I spent a few hours dialing it in and then completed my first prints. I started off with something useful, collingall's UltraHDMI No Cut mod. The prints came out great! This is a very good first impression.