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Hi. I photographed the damage on the board. Do you know what this contact affects/means, what is it for? Naomi still working. Most likely it appeared when I wanted to connect Naomi to the TV through a chinese adapter (vga to hdmi). There was a burning smell. I immediately turned off Naomi. Then I connected it back to the old TV and everything seems to work. but at that moment my sf card 1gb Sandisk stopped loading almost all naomi/aw games. it only runs dolphin blue and some naomi games. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not.


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I also wanted to ask about Dimm, I found damage. can they somehow influence?


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I think you need to get a new DIMM and maybe a new NAOMI. Looks like a lot of current has gone places where it should not.
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Get rid of that VGA to HDMI adapter also.
That's what happens when you hook up to something that has a live chassis. This is the kind of damage seen when an arcade game board is hooked to a monitor in a cabinet that requires an isolation transormer, but doesn't have one installed. It feeds voltage back through the video cabe linto the PCB and does damage.
I think you need to get a new DIMM and maybe a new NAOMI. Looks like a lot of current has gone places where it should not.



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Where is the supercap located?

The mobo has a sticker stating "danger of explosion if the battery is replaced incorrectly". What can explode?

A new one to add to the repair log / list, haven't seen this one before.

Naomi 1 boots up but gets stuck on error 1 and test switch doesn't work, dip switches are also stuck on. Traced the dip switches all the way to the other end of the board to a 315-6146 custom chip. Thankfully the issue was the ram IC46 (62256) used by the custom and not the custom chip itself. Original ram was 70ns, I only had a 100ns ram on hand but it seems to work fine with the slightly slower one.