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Jul 22, 2015
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If you want to make offer send me a pm

All working 100%

Gdarius (all new cap) 300€
Raystorm (all new cap) 300€
Liquid Kids 250€
Arbalester 229€
Lady Bug 99€
Xevious 3D 190€
Capitan America 250€
Master of Weapon 190€
Midnight Resistance 320€
Diet Gogo 95€
Growl 140€
Robocop 2 315€
Flicky with adpater 650€
NEW King of fighters neowave kit with atomiswave sealed 305€
Taito top ranking star 135€
Capcom Three wonders desuicided board 220€
twin hawk 150€
Vulcan Venture Conversion 730€
Master of weapon 135€ with control problems (left command doesn't work for P1 and P2 probably a custom chip to change)

Banpresto Mazinga 950€
Battletoads 650€
Mutant Fighters 165€
The Combatribes 109€

Capcom CPS3 + Ultra Simm Darksoft 980€
Data East night slashers 990€
Martial champion 100€ SOLD
Raiden Fighters US 200€ SOLD
Namco System 1 Marken Maze 990€ SOLD
Konami GiJoe with disturbed Audio 175€ SOLD
Toki 200€ SOLD
CPS1.5 Qsound Cadilllac And Dinosaurs Conversion 699€ SOLD
Raiden fighters 2 250€ SOLD
CPS1 A+B+C Final FIght 250€ SOLD
Truxton 580€ SOLD
Magical Cat Adventure 300€ SOLD
CPS1 A+B+C Ghouls and Ghost Conversion 190€ SOLD
Outzone 430€ SOLD

Cosmo Gang System 2
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PM is coming! I'm interested in Martial champion for the converting to the other game.
Good titles, Great price and Excellent seller.
For example "Growl", it is the game with the most enemies in one screen. Classic!
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Battletoads 700€

NEW King of fighters neowave kit with atomiswave sealed 335€

Taito top ranking star 135€

Three wonders desuicided 250€
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Added Xevious 3D, magical cat adventure, Vulcan venture, Twin Hawk and Price reduced on many boards
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