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Jan 27, 2016
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There's been some pretty incredible boards made for building or upgrading vector monitors in recent years but has anyone thought of designing a new raster board? File this idea under "easy for you to suggest" as I'm incapable of designing one myself therefore I wouldn't be the one doing the work, but I thought I'd float the idea as there's definitely a need.

Here's what I think the features that would be good to aim for:

- Reliability (obviously)
- Low cost and ease of getting replacement parts
- Use of parts like for the flyback that are unlikely to become "unobtanium" anytime soon
- More flexibility as far as sync and compatibility with oddball inputs like that of Indy 4, SeaWolf II and inputs like composite B&W from bronze age games
- Works with the most common CRT tubes and a list is developed of confirmed working types
- Ability to accept medium resolution inputs like that of Paperboy, Xybots etc. Those monitors are becoming impossible to find.

Features hardly critical but would be awesome if possible:

- Multiple programmable presets for brightness, screen position, etc to accommodate multiple boards.
- Ability to rotate and adjust image for going between horizontal and vertical inputs. No doubt a lot of games would look like crap but it would still be a nice option.
- No need for isolation transformers
- Built in ability to invert colors like that of Nintendo games
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