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Sep 28, 2016
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Ontario, Canada
Looking for a Vewlix screen protector. If anyone has a spare, please let me know!
One thing you could do is research the specs and have a glass company cut for you?
Yeah it should just be a piece of tempered glass which wouldn't be the easiest of things to ship. It might be more sensible to get one made locally.

If you like I could get the dimensions of the glass for you as one of my monitors is in a position where I can strip it down fairly easily. Lmk.
I didn't take that design any further other than using it (I had to drill an extra hole), but another used it and had some success IIRC.

Anyway, from that post, the dimensions of the glass are what matter:

"Got a piece of Art Glass cut today, $100 total for a 30.25" x 18.375" piece (it looks amazing!)"
There have been a few other people who explored other options, https://www.arcade-projects.com/search/547463/?q=museum+glass&o=date is a good start. I can't remember why I didn't go with plex; probably some combination of cost and hazing if the wrong cleaning solution was used?

Trust but verify, if possible! I took my monitor frame to the glass cutting shop and had them measure the interior dimensions before cutting.
I can get access to Vewlix with the glass so I can just take that to a shop. They seem to have some anti glare on it (almost like it's diffused). Do glass cutting shops offer that look?
An original Vewlix L monitor glass is 768mm wide, 468mm tall and 4mm thick.
That's true, but there was still a somewhat annoying amount of play around the sides of my L's stock glass. My new sheet wasn't as big as I'd prefer either.
When I did mine, I just used tape to keep it from moving around. It sank back a little over time, so when I redo it I'm definitely gonna try 3d printing some wedges. I didn't have a printer back when I did it.

I will say whoever you order the glass from, be sure they can commit to something that's defect free. I ended up with a small speck in mine, and the company said it was the best they could do. They offered a full refund which I still feel guilty about accepting.
I never knew viewlix had screen protectors or there were such a thing. Its not like you put a viewlix in your back pocket ever day. Is this an after market thing or a official taito product?
Just means the protective glass in front of the monitor screen
I guess all modern cabs have them I have my Lindy one in the loft as its not needed with the screen upgrade for home use.
I'll be getting some anti-reflective/glare glass cut for the screen using another Vewlix screen for measurements. Thanks for the replies!