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Jul 23, 2019
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Hi All,

Like the title says, I would like to capture video and most likely stream as well.

There are so many devices and options out there, I figure I would ask here since this all new to me.

My current setup consist of Sega Naomi, Net Dimm, Raspberry Pi, Capcom IO, HAS to PVM via 8-pin SCART.
I did however order a few Axunworks JJ-CBOX Superguns, which I will switch over whenever it arrives.

Any suggestions is appreciated

Unless your PVM is multisync I assume you'll be capturing interlaced footage, which wont look great on stream. There are upscalers that are known to have decent de-interlacing, but that will depend on your needs and budget. From a general point of view, GBS-C is the cheap option and the Retrotink 5x is the expensive one.

If you only intend to stream Naomi, then you can use a decent quality VGA splitter, and put one end into your line-doubler or upscaler of choice, and the other end into your Capcom IO. From there, your line doubler or upscaler goes into your capture card. I personally like the Magewell USB HDMI Capture Gen2 because it's compact, relatively cheap on eBay (used), and allows for 4:4:4 60fps capture.
As Zephernio said, unless your PVM (or other display device) supports 480p output, you're going to be stuck with interlace. On a CRT it's not bad, but capture stuff may not give great results (assuming you're wanting the highest quality video).

Retrotink 5x does ok with the motion adaptive deinterlacing. XRGB Mini (framemeister) does really well with it. OSSC offers bob deinterlacing, which is serviceable but not as good as motion adaptive, imo.

Haven't tried GBS-C, but hear that's decent too. Think it offers motion adaptive deinterlacing as well. OSSC and GBS-C would be the cheapest options.

You'll of course need a way to split your video and audio from the HAS or Axun to both the gaming display and your capture device. In my case I have an Extron Crosspoint, but assuming you have the voltage set correctly on the HAS, you could use the gscartsw or something else to split your scart output.
All of the capturing devices will be use on the Naomi only.

I have a decent budget to work with. So if Retrotink 5x can output better quality compared to the others, I don't mind the price tag.

So my shopping list seems to be:
  • VGA Splitter
  • Dual Channel Amp
  • Retrotink 5x
  • Rondo HD15-2-SCART
  • Magewell USB HDMI Capture Gen2
That sounds about right. I'm not sure what your sound setup will be so I assume the dual channel amp is specific to your needs.

For the VGA splitter, a good quality one is important, or image quality will noticeably degrade. I typically look on eBay for used Extron stuff when I need parts like this.

For the Rondo HD15-2-SCART, you may need to find an alternative because it (like most other things that sell on Castlemania) has been OOS for a long time. Alternatives that I'm aware of are the Syncslayer II and VGA2SCART. However, both are somewhat clunky because they use a female SCART port, which means either another SCART cable or a SCART coupler needs to be added to the display chain. If there are better alternatives, or if I'm wrong about the HD15-2-SCART availability, I would love to be corrected on that.

One thing to consider for simplicity's sake is to go with the GBS-C, since it can accept VGA input from the get-go. It might be worth looking into AB comparisons in capture quality of the RT5x vs the GBS-C to see if the improvement of image quality is worth the additional cost and VGA to SCART inconvenience. Of course, the GBS-C also needs to be connected to via WiFI for controls, so the convenience factor isn't so cut and dry...
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My recommendation for video would be:

- Some alright VGA splitter
- OSSC (does VGA in)
- Whatever capture card. Something cheap like Elgato is fine, you arent capturing 4k here, and dont need something overkill

For audio, I'm not sure what the dual channel amp is for, but I guess you need it for your speaker setup?

If you are fine with something simpler, just route the unamplified audio from the Naomi straight to the PC, and then have OBS forward it to the PC output as well, and connect that to your speaker system.
I have an Extron RGB 164ix for VGA splitting.
You may find something more compact of course, but it also gives you sync processing.
So far, I placed an order for a GSB-C to start out with.

It seems many people uses Extron hardware.
Would anyone happen to what would be a fair price for a used Extron RGB 164ix would be?

Thanks for everyone's input,