The ABP-01 Supergun

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    • The ABP-01 Supergun


      I've been working for some time on a SuperGun that will allow meto enjoy my few but selected arcade pcbs'.
      The idea was a simple,sleek design that will include several features such as: Not toocosty, 2 player support, S-Video support and a kick harness support.
      Hereare a few photos of the project: Before and After.

      It was succesfully tested with:MV1C, System 16, System 32, ST-V, CPS1 and CPS2.

      It's called Arcade Board Players model ABP-01.

      Willwork on some adapters now for my Turbo outrun, Virtua Racing andDaytona USA :)

      Feelfree to check my facebook page: “Arcade Board Players” for moreinfo, updates and PRE ORDERS.