1. D

    Sega JVS to Jamma adapter, kick buttons all stuck closed?

    I'm trying to set up a Naomi with Marvel Vs Capcom 2 in one of my head to head setups and I'm really struggling to get P1 and P2 button 6 working correctly. I tested this in my linked Blast Citys and in my New Versus City and got the same results. I'm using a Sega 838-13683-91 JVS to Jamma...
  2. S

    Capcom Minicute Repro - Player 2 button 2 not working

    Hey everyone, I have a Capcom Minicute repro from Hurist, running it with a Mistercade through a Jamma harness connected to a Wells Gardner 19" monitor via an isolation transformer. Everything is working fine except for the Player 2 "Button 2." I used a multimeter to check the continuity...
  3. Recalbox

    Recalbox RGB JAMMA: new JAMMA adapter for Raspberry Pi 4/3/400!

    Hi guys! Some of you may already know us, but for the rest of you, we're the Recalbox team, a group of retrogaming enthusiasts like you, dedicated to making video game heritage as accessible and faithful to the original as possible. Our motto is : simplicity. That's why we've been working...
  4. NFGx

    Makin' Cables - lots of cables

    I haven't had my New Astro City for long, only a few months. After getting fixing some cracks and getting the monitor rebuilt, I decided to thoroughly test it before finishing the external restoration/ And that's when I decided the best way to understand the internal wiring was to document it...
  5. Otachi_R1X

    Vewlix Diamond Blue w/TTX3 + Brook UFB

    Hey All, here’s a little issue I’ve been banging my head against: I have a Vewlix Diamond Blue cab with Fast I/O connected to a TTX3. I’d like to also be able to connect a PS4 in the cab too, which I have done with the use of a Brook UFB. It just requires swapping my control panel over the the...
  6. Indigo

    CPS3 JAMMA running 3rd strike randomly freezing in my blast city

    Hello everyone! So I recently got into the world of arcade machines and been having a great time. I've been able to play 3rd strike on my Blast City for the most part, however, I have a re-occurring issue that is quite consistent when I let the game do its idle CPU battles and such. After about...
  7. NFGx

    FS Kaneko Air Buster (JP) JAMMA

    Excellent condition Air Buster, purchased in Japan c.2002. Been in storage almost the whole time since. Seeking $650 AUD ($425 USD) Located in Brisbane, Australia. Can ship around the country for $20. Overseas shipping available ($50 for EMS, $80 if you want insurance). EDIT: Lowered price...
  8. J

    TTX2 in Vewlix with FastIO/Jamma

    Hello, I bought a Vewlix cabinet with Fast IO board like this and need to connect my TTX2 board that only have JVS input and I am struggling to find the right stuff for this, I understand I need something like Fast IO input board fot TTX2 or is there other option? Also, what would be the best...
  9. Magus Incognito

    FS Taito JAMMA KIT-(VEWLIX) Z9351080A

    I have two officail Taito Vewlix Jamma Kits up for sale. These kits are complete and come with original packaging and are in "Like New" condition. Please see the pics for reference. Cost for each kit is $950 plus buyer pays for insured shipping or can arrange to pickup in San Diego, CA.
  10. S

    Wassup from California —->> CPS3 3rd Strike build

    Hello friends, Finally got my hands on a very clean CPS3 3rd Strike setup, including a NOCD cart of 3rd strike. Grew up playing 3rd strike on DC and it really became a holy grail of arcades if you could find one to play. There are 2 goals for me: 1. Play 3rd Strike in the OG format, hopefully...
  11. thedirtyscreech

    4-player Blitz 99 - Can p1 and p2 use JAMMA while p3 and p4 use auxiliary harness?

    So the title is the real question, but here's the background. I picked up a 4-player Blitz 99 cab for the game room. Don't get me wrong; Blitz is a ton of fun. But shmups are my main jam, and I already have a vertical cab for that. I only have a few friends who like shmups, though, and my...
  12. 64MK

    WTB jj squawkers

    I'm a noob with a new Super Gun and would love to track down this game.
  13. Logan McCloud

    SOLD The Punisher - Capcom CPS 1.5 Dash

  14. Matan

    Rail Chase - SEGA Y-BOARD

    Hi all, I recently purchase Rail Chase, which runs on the SEGA Y-BOARD hardware. The game is not JAMMA compatible and I'd like to create a Jamma harness for it (to run on my supergun). Does anyone have the pinout / Service manual of the game/boards?
  15. S

    FS Jamma SEGA NAOMI 245 256 Namco power supply adapter DB15 SNK Neo Geo Joypad CBOX

    only 60$ https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003504789880.html
  16. westillplay

    FS "FS" KONAMI GX SYSTEM Soccer Super Stars

    tested and working konami gx system $200 + shipping
  17. C

    Killer instinct dead CPU?

    I have a KI1 jamma that fails to boot. When powered on it does the usual time to signify the sound hardware is OK but nothing further happens (the screen does get power however, same with the cabinet lights). The first thing I did was replacing the HDD (still had the original) with an SDD And...
  18. tengugurl

    Hyper Neo Geo 64 - revision 1 pcb (Audio assistance)

    Hi there! I recently purchased a revision 1 fighting pcb and I have the pot on the front of the IO Board and the jst connectors for sound and powering the amp. I am trying to get sound out of the board but the pin outs cia the manual are kinda hard to see… looks like power supply jst...
  19. kikaso

    FOUND High Quality JAMMA Extension Cable

    Looking to pick up a high quality JAMMA extension cable. The Arcade-Projects cable doesn’t seem to be available anymore so looking to see if someone has a spare to let go or an equivalent cable. I don’t have the skills to make my own cable. I need the cable to connect tall boards in my cabinet...
  20. Softdrink

    Softdrink's New Astro City Restore Log

    I've always loved these cab maintenance and restoration logs, so I figured it was my turn to contribute a bit! I've already done quite a bit of work on the cabinet and will be sort of 'backfilling' this thread with progress shots until it catches up to the present; here are a couple (potato)...