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    • Home Arcade System - new supergun sets

      Home Arcade System V3.1

      Home Arcade System, HAS for short, is my newest supergun. The idea was to have a relatively small PCB-type supergun but packed with some useful features (button layout remapping, autofire, and hassle-free arcade power supply connection). The newest version is 3.1.


      • Compatible with JAMMA and JAMMA+ standards.
      • NeoGeo controller ports with extended pinout for buttons 5 and 6.
      • Full button remapping and VSync synchronized autofire - it is 100% based on my previous project RECO and most features remain unchanged:
        • 6 button inputs and 6 fully configurable outputs for both Player 1 and 2.
        • Button 6 for both players is also output via the JAMMA connector, which makes the supergun compatible with popular multi-game PCBs like the Blue Elf, Pandora and other.
        • VSync is extracted from the PCB game’s CSync line for the ultimate compatibility and stability.
        • 6 different VSync synchronised autofire rates to choose from.
        • New button layout and autofire settings are saved and stored in the microcontroller’s internal memory and stay in the memory even after disconnecting HAS.
        • Lagless.
        • Indicator LEDs.
        • In addition to the VSync synchronised autofire, there is also asynchronous autofire mode. It is automatically triggered upon boot, if the VSync is not present or is unusable.
      • Kick harness connector to connect to PCB games that use more buttons.
      • RGB video driver - 75 Ohm signal output; The brightness regulation is more precise now and it should be right for most PCB games out-of-the-box - the potentiometers are used mostly to fine tune the brightness (they have a limited adjustment range); It is safe - you can get the correct Vp-p (~0.7 Vp-p) for games with both weak and strong RGB signals.
      • Sync separator - Horizontal and Vertical Sync outputs available.
      • CSync "regeneration" feature – automatically adapts the timing of the vertical sync width and horizontal pulses. Usage - fixing the upper part of the screen in Taito F3 connected to XRGB Mini.
      • Jumper selectable Sync: regenerated/buffered.
      • Jumper selectable 75 Ohm/TTL CSync output.
      • RGB video output via a 8pin mini DIN connector and audio out via a 3.5mm jack. Audio also goes via the mini DIN, but is being overridden by the 3.5mm jack connector the moment you plug in a jack cable. This allows to run audio via a separate cable to reduce noise and interference. It is also really easy to interface with PCB games that output stereo audio via external connectors (like the CPS1.5, CPS2 etc). Furthermore, the 8pin mini DIN uses the same pinout as the XRGB mini and you can connect HAS to XRGB mini using a direct (1:1) 8pin mini DIN cable.
      • Brightness regulation via one dial in order to get perfect colour balance.
      • Safe audio attenuation circuit with volume regulation and option to disable the attenuation and use JAMMA amplified audio. Works with all Cave boards.
      • Test and Service buttons.
      • 6 PIN connector to connect a real arcade power supply.
      • The microcontroller responsible for controls is socketed should there ever be a need to replace it.
      • Laser cut 4mm thick acrylic glass covers for top and bottom to protect the electronics.
      • Almost all necessary connectors, buttons and dials are accessible from the sides of the PCB.
      • Built-in voltmeter that allows to measure the voltage (+5V/+12V).
      • Status LED.
      • The design allows to use piggy-back modules. It is possible to stack multiple modules.
      • High quality Hirose JAMMA connector.
      Price guide:
      • HAS V3 supergun - 122 EUR (the set includes a HAS unit; a set of accessories - 2x laser cut 4mm acrylic covers (for top and bottom), a set of screws, and spacers (the "case" comes unassembled); a power supply cable - high quality 45cm long 18AWG cables; 6pin connector on one end, M3.5 fork terminals on the other end that is suitable for arcade power supplies).

      • Sega Saturn to JAMMA joypad converter - 32 EUR
        • lagless
        • 6 functional buttons (for cps2/3 etc.) + start and coin buttons
        • A built-in coin mechanism emulator. This means that even if you press and hold down the coin button on the joypad, there will be only one short signal sent to the JAMMA PCB. This is purely a safety measure to prevent a random PCB reset, holding the coin button for too long may cause the coin mechanism error (happens in Batrider) and result in game restart.
        • Compatible with official Sega Saturn joypads and arcade sticks (HSS-0104, HSS-0136, HSS-0130). 3rd party controllers/adapters work with limited luck, meaning there are models that work, and some that don't work at all. Analog controllers (including the Sega one; HSS-0137) are not compatible.

      • CPS2 kick harness, 25cm long (colours may vary) - 8 EUR

      • CPS1 kick harness, 45cm long (colours may vary) - 8 EUR

      • 3P4P adapter PCB - allows to connect Player 3 and Player 4. The pinout of the 34 pin connector matches the IGS PGM pinout - 20 EUR

      • CPS2 Player 3 and Player 4 harness for the 3P4P adapter (colours may vary) - 16 EUR
      • Konami Player 3 and Player 4 harness for the 3P4P adapter (compatible with X-Men, TNMNT I & II, Sunset Riders, Simpsons, Bucky O'Hare, Dark Adventure, Metamorphic Force, G.I. Joe) (colours may vary) - 16 EUR
      • QSound (CPS1.5 Dash) Player 3 and Player 4 harness for the 3P4P adapter (compatible with Warriors of Fate, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Muscle Bomber Duo: Heat Up Warriors) (colours may vary) - 16 EUR

      • RGB to Composite Video/S-Video adapter. Based on the popular Sony CXA2075 IC - 35 EUR


      Display Spoiler

      • SCART to 2xRCA and 8pin mini DIN adapter - 10 EUR


      • High quality 8pin mini DIN adapter + BNC cable, perfect for PVM or BVM monitors - 30 EUR


      • 8pin mini DIN -> female Scart adapter - 12 EUR (not pictured, but also includes a 2xRCA to 3.5mm jack adapter; 20-30cm long).


      More pictures:

      Disclaimer, please read before you commit to buy:

      Display Spoiler
      While the best effort was made to make the device as universal as possible, there is no guarantee that it is going to work with every PCB game/TV set/Monitor/Scaler on the market. Quality of displayed audio and video relies mostly on the PCB game itself and may also vary.

      This device is sold "as is", it is tested right before dispatch and guaranteed to work.

      Because of the nature of this device you should know how to properly handle and store it. I will not be held responsible for any damage caused by improper handling and/or use, especially if I suspect the device was mishandled by the user. However, I do service the HAS if it gets damaged (if possible to fix), usually just for the price of new parts, and in some cases for a small fee to cover my time.

      Group orders - when ordering multiple units as a part of a group order, I expect the person who places the order to be the single point of contact for each member of the group order.

      After you receive your HAS unit, make sure you test it as soon as possible.

      Place order only if you understand and accept my rules, and you know how to use the device. Sales are final.

      Shipping and payment:

      PCBs will be placed in anti-static bags, wrapped with bubble wrap and then placed in a cardboard box for maximum protection.
      • USA & Canada:
        • Global Priority Package (tracking, insured) – 20 EUR
        • EMS (tracking, insured) - 39 EUR up to 0.5 kg; 41 EUR up to 1 kg
      • Europe:
        • Global Priority Package (tracking, insured) – 17 EUR
        • EMS (tracking, insured) - 38 EUR up to 0.5 kg; 41 EUR up to 1 kg

        • Registered Priority Mail (tracking, insured) – 6 EUR up to 0.5 kg; 9 EUR up to 1 kg
      • Other countries - PM me for a quote.
      Payment via paypal, gift or add 4%.


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    • Yippikaye wrote:

      I have a Mak Strike V3
      Is your "Sega Saturn to JAMMA joypad converter - 30 EUR" compatible with it ?
      I mean the buttons mapping of course
      Pinout-wise it's compatible, but I don't recommend using it with MAK strike. Undamned performed a number of tests and there seems to be a problem with the MAK strike "design". Basically, the controllers (an maybe even the video out, not tested) get +5V at all times, even if the MAK strike switch is in OFF position. In result, when you turn it ON, the PSU creates a huge voltage spike that can damage stuff.. Here's the full research and explanation - forums.shoryuken.com/discussio…0326678/#Comment_10326678

      The thing though, is that I don't sell these converters separately due to very limited quantity (I've only got a few), they're reserved for HAS buyers. Once I sell all HAS units and I have some Saturn to JAMMA converters left, I can let you know.

    • I want one with 2x Sega and CpS2, please.
      Video: Framemeister XRGB mini with XSync-1 and XCapture-1 │ Sony BVM-D20F1E
      DS: ST-V │CPS2 MultiKit │ CPS3 SuperBios
      MB: MV-1B │ CPS1 │ CPS2 │ CPS3 │ ST-V │ Naomi II │ G-Net │ TTX2
      SB: Street Fighter 1 (6 Button Edition)
      Superguns: MK30 Adcap │ Arcadeforge MAK Strike│ RGB's HAS
      Sticks: Madcatz TE2 │ 2x Capcom CPS │ 2x Neo Geo
    • Please one for me with 1x Saturn and 1xCPS-2 Adapter and 1x "SCART to 2xRCA and 8pin mini DIN adapter", shipping to Germany :)

      Could you also provide 8Pin mini-DIN cables to connect the Supergun to the XRGBmini?

      Thanks! :)
      LOAD "*",8,1

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    • Undamned converter has been tested and works perfectly with HAS. Regarding the XRGB mini - it all depends on your setup. If you want, you can use a direct 1:1 8pin mini DIN cable. Audio will go via the mini DIN cable as long as nothing is connected to the jack connector on HAS.

      darksofter wrote:

      Awesome supergun! Have you been able to test the undamned PS3/XBOX360 usb converter with your supergun? I have an XRGB mini, how do you connect the sound to it?

      Thanks in advance.
    • I've said it before and I'll say it again, these look like a lovely bit of kit :thumbup:

      I just wish I had use for a supergun. I'm kinda tempted to get one anyway :D

      You mentioned the framemeister, have you had one running though one yet? What are the results like? Do you think it would be ok through a 5m mini-din cable?

      Do the kick-harnesses use a JST XHP-8?
    • FrancoB wrote:

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, these look like a lovely bit of kit :thumbup:

      I just wish I had use for a supergun. I'm kinda tempted to get one anyway :D

      You mentioned the framemeister, have you had one running though one yet? What are the results like? Do you think it would be ok through a 5m mini-din cable?

      Do the kick-harnesses use a JST XHP-8?
      Thank you :)

      The result with the XRGB mini is positive, I mean, it works just fine. Here's Limpan's setup:

      I'm not sure how it's going to work through a 5m long cable, though. One of those Extron RGB devices could be handy if you want to run signals through such long cables.

      The connector is JST XHP-6.