Pinned Darksoft's MultiMVS Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions

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    • FakeNoose wrote:

      @Darksoft any plans for an updated or 'pro' version within the next year? I don't want to take the plunge with buying one if a new design is on the way.
      The hardware is finalized, but the software can always be updated with new features and bug fixes if needed.

      So you should buy one now and be happy.

      Please don't wait to be happy.



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    • New

      Every features we need are already in it.
      Just the Neo Geo CD games can be a really great addition (on the current hardware to destroy the incoming NeoSD MVS Pro from TO).
      I really hope Darksoft can release something for MVS before them, the product of Darksoft is much much better than TO.
      And also (and not least) the support here don't ban you if you ask questions (i was banned twice on TO boards).
      Here i was able to post feedback and bugs i encounter on some games and Darksoft was always very cool and answer everyone (he fixed all the bugs i'm very happy of the cart).
      On TO, i was banned 2 times i tried to post a feedback xD.
      So the best are here.