Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

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    • So my T7 hard drive finally died several days ago and I went ahead and swapped it out with another hard drive and threw in the dumped version of the game... Surprisingly everything works with no mods needed. Just had the usb key in place and it booted right up. Pretty cool. Just wanted to share.

      Edit* - I used a completely different hard drive and installed windows through the es3.

      1. Install windows on es3
      2. Copy dumped version
      3. Set instant shelter to run dump

      With the steps above I have yet to notice any difference between this and original. It picked up the JVS controls and card readers just like the original did. I also tried network vs and all seems to work fine.

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    • I just discovered something really awesome!!

      So this worked for me on a taito type x2 for Street Fighter 4 and I hope it also works for Tekken 7 or any other game that can be connected to a virtual network like hamachi.

      First you have to have the same version of the game or it will not work!!

      Hamachi online play,
      Host (Master): install hamachi, create a network.
      Client (Slave) install Hamachi and join the network someone created.
      In the Test menu, access the system options menu:
      Whoever creates the game does not need to choose this option, only who enters.
      Exit the test menu, 1P starts the game and right after, 2P you can enter the game.
      I tested with someone else and gives low lag but I saw that there are tutorials to improve the performance of hamachi. Anyone want to try this for Tekken 7? Or any arcade linkable!!
    • I made a basic Tekken 7 multi. Just hope Round 2 releases soon and life will be complete.

      For those who have PM'd me, I do plan to release this eventually. I've basically patched out the dongle protection from the game code, with some other tweaks here and there to make it possible. My goal is the bare minimum change to the binaries for preservation purposes. It's intended to be used on an original ES3X, and you can still link two units if you just run the same version on two systems.

      On that note, if anyone happens to stumble upon a Round 2 dump, please message me as I can do the same with that.
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    • EYEDOL wrote:

      This is the error I get! The last picture, I used an app to translate. Not sure what I can do to make this usb update my unit to Round 2! If anyone knows how to make this work, that info would be very appreciated.
      In my experience, this USB should be memory type. When using BitLocker, I should take out the IMG of USB storage data and update it to the system after starting the system so as to load new content~
    • This is my frame machine.Of course, this is an ordinary PC machine! I have studied for a long time from the beginning to the present. I started to encounter mistakes until I skipped them and finally successfully entered the game. Now there is a small problem. Even after online, as long as the blue group beats the red group, it will drop the line. I have a win7 and a win10, and I don't know if this is the reason why the blue group defeated the red group and dropped the line! Red group again into the game can not see the blue group! Blue group into the game can see the red group, but also online, red group won no problem, blue group won on the line!

    • For this to work on PC's - it is possible.
      First make sure everything is the same!! Pc windows version has to be same, so both windows have to be 7 or 10. Then make sure both pcs have the same tekken image, it's better to have them connected on it's own router than your home network!! I use linksys routers with the settings in the pictures and I can get 4 pc or real tekken 7 Hardware ES3 machines working. Also when your group loses most the time it will drop because there is no rematch option but you should still be in the lobby and not kicked out after the match.
    • Vjg1588 wrote:

      cy6y , that is really nice! are you using a regular PC and able to boot and play the game with no emulator ? Please , do you have any guide or documentation of how to do this? Thanks. I was using in my video Teknoparrot emulator but this is amazing.
      Yes, I can start the game without a simulator, but many games can't work. The IO board is different. I use the IO of TTX to connect with the motherboard to play the game. Some predecessors have pointed me out. I don't want to discuss some "hack" problems, which will bring bad things. There is no manual. Please check the TTX manual and jumper part!