1. tDRG

    [Sold] Atomiswave MB

    I picked up this Atomiswave a couple weeks ago from @opt2not , but my USB2DB15 adapters w/ Minigun aren't working with it so I'm passing it along. It does work fine with the Minigun and a DB15 controller, as well as on @opt2not 's Astro City, so I don't think there's anything wrong with the...
  2. Kujako

    HAPP light guns on Atomiswave?

    I know others have gotten this to work, but not been able to find a concise guide as to what needs to be done and what hardware is needed. Anyone have any pointers?
  3. kikaso

    [SOLD] Atomiswave Motherboard & Crime Fighters

    Decided to keep the Atomiswave MoBo. Thanks, all! Added my spare Atomiswave to the sale/trade. This was purchased as NOS and I have every reason to believe that it was when I purchased it. The JAMMA edge is pristine and the fan is spotless (still loud) as seen in the photos. I've used it maybe...
  4. T

    Naomi 2 problem

    Hey everyone, by the end of last year, I was able to purchase a Sega Naomi 2 with a Raspberry Pi (PiForce Tools 1.5 installed) and a NetDimm (firmware 3.17) Since the whole real arcade hardware was new to me, I had to buy several additional items afterwards (which I didn't knew back then I...
  5. kazuo

    Metal Slug 6 Red Blood Conversion Service

    I have a bootleg MS6 cart and I'd like red blood turned on permanently. I understand there's a way to patch the game and them replace one or more (?) chips on the board to make this work. I don't have hot air rework tools or a ROM burner, so... if there's anyone out there who can do this and has...

    Netboot on 2.13 Netdimm board without loading time

    Making tests with my netdimm for upgrade it to the firmware 4.02. I discovered one thing, with the firmware 2.13 i can send games with GameTransfer.exe and that games work fine. I completed these games, from the beginning to the end, without freezing, and without resets on the board. Street...
  7. aoiddr

    Sega Astro City color problem with Atomiswave mobo?

    I got an Atomiswave about a month ago and it'll work fine with my Supergun on an LCD in both 15khz and 32khz resolutions. However, I'm having picture problems with it when I try to hook it up to my Sega Astro City (Nanao MS8-29FSG monitor) running in 15khz mode. Atomiswave dip switch settings...
  8. Darksoft

    Latest news on Atomiswave 2 Naomi

    There goes some Arcade-love! You can download the Atomiswave to Naomi converted games from here: NeoGeo Battle Colisseum Sports Shooting MAXIMUM SPEED...