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Count me in for one!
Edit: Japanese text matte version đź‘Ť
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Today , i have test some print color tests. Trying to find out the best colors. Actually the original colors is not good for me :P
Some Print tests
Sexy!!! After this make one for my vewlixs :D. Yes, I know I can mount this on them already, but I rather they fit/fill the CP like the vewlix panels do.
I'm in for a sega city style panel just so I don't have to bug with disassembling a dreamcast to source the controller ports! Lol :thumbsup: not to mention fiddling with mounting the thing.

Has there been any kind of ETA yet for production? No rush or anything, just curious since I'm coming into this thread a little late in the game.
If not too late I am most definitely interested in one of these panels. I have been looking for one for a long time. Thanks.
Did you make some decision on an alternative version with English text?