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I may be in for 1, when do we need to pay by?
I don't know, how i will produce it as 2 different languages. Offset uv print requires 200pcs PVC sheet at least. I'm not sure , can i double it. Maybe we should ask to everyone to make it English version only
I prefer Japanese please :)
Im still thinking on it and maybe i can make digital print for the English version ;)
I will try to draw ENG version this weekend then show you.
Looking forward to these shipping :)

Anyone know the part numbers of the original buttons and sticks (and colours) that were in these?
I think I got the part numbers from reading the manual and confirming by looking at those pics.

Seimitsu and Sanwa buttons are almost identical in performance, they're really a personal preference.

I think the JLF is better than the LS-56, but its not a big difference like vs an LS-32. The difference is the LS-56 is flush mounted and the JLF is supposed to be recessed.
Where can I purchase this @hursit ?
Or will you sell just the pcb and DC ports separately for those of us who purchased the Alberto panel on here?? 😉
Does the Alberto panel have the door that swings open to reveal the ports?

I got my panel today. Overall impressions are positive. The sheen for the overlay is really nice. It's not matte like a US panel, but it's not glossy either.

I have some nitpicks. I want to preface that I've never seen a real one in person, I am happy with it, and these are extreme details that I'm nitpicking.
The door is a little floppy.
My door in particular has what looks like a chunk missing (I assume it was a weld blow through).
The overlay wasn't lined up 100% perfectly.
It would be nice if the wiring harnesses were zip tied or sleeved.
The panel is unpainted and it looks the the original is powder coated white.
It doesn't have the little tabs that hook the panel into the cabinet.
Joystick mounting studs are for an MS plate. The original was for an SE plate. (I also think a lot of people are going to incorrectly flush mount a JLF to it.)
Joystick studs are mounted to a plate that's welded to the panel, causing the stick to be mounted 1-2mm lower.

PXL_20230419_234517102.jpg PXL_20230419_231027107.jpg PXL_20230419_234528931.jpg
Also received today. Thank you Hurist!

I'm not "au fait" with the joystick button situation and I know there are comments here about sanwa / seimitsu options

What's the final say on what part numbers to buy keeping in mind a the preference to keep it as close to the original yet staying compatible with the repro panel plate and hole dimensions:

Joysticks JLF-TP-8YT 1 GREEN - 1 YELLOW
buttons: OBSF -30 6 GREEN - 6 YELLOW
Start buttons: OBSF- 24 2 PINK


Joysticks: LS-56-01 with LB-35 ball top 1 GREEN - 1 YELLOW
buttons: PS-14-G 6 GREEN - 6 YELLOW
Start Buttons: PS-14-D 2 Pink

(or something else?)
Either is fine, I would recommend using 4-6mm spacers with a JLF flat plate though.

The button holes are perfectly fine for snap in buttons, which is usually a problem with repro panels.

I went with Seimitsu parts because almost all of my other panels are Sanwa and I wanted to try something different. I like the LS-56 but I feel like their buttons are worse than they used to be.
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