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All of these cabs use the same shaped panel:
Sega Astro City
Sega New Astro City
Sega Astro City II
Sega Versus City
Sega New Versus City
Sega Blast City
Sega Megalo 410
Sega NAOMI Universal
Sega Net City
Sega New Net City
Konami Windy
Konami Windy II
Delta 32
(Probably Others)

All of these cabs can also support that shape panel (albeit with some gaps)
Taito Egret II
Taito Egret 3
Atomiswave SD
Taito Viewlix
(Probably Others)
Windy 1 & 2 have a slightly different shape, we discovered this while doing our R&D


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@alberto1225 will know, one of our Monkey Ball panels is going to someone with a Windy II
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I have an original panel from Japan but the artwork wasn't attached and the art isn't in great shape. I'd hate attaching it as is. Would you consider just selling me a reprint?
I will open the pre-orders Today.

* REDRAWN Official Artwork ( Not Scan Artwork )
* UV Offset Print on LEXAN Matte PVC
* Supports Dreamcast Official Controller Joystick
* Custom PCB design for Dreamcast Controller
* Dreamcast FEMALE Controller Ports Included
* Wire Harness for 1P and 2P
* 1.5MM Thick Metal (Steel)
* Supports Sanwa and Seimitsu Joysticks
* Supports Sega Cabinets
Sega Naomi
Sega Astro City
Sega New Astro City
Sega Blast City

* Supports Konami Cabinets
Windy I
Windy II

Price: 199 USD







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Absolutely incredible work.

I'm very happy for those who get to grab these now. I always felt lucky to have an original one, but not "other people shouldn't have it" lucky ;)
Does anyone have any info on this like can this be used for 4 player games with 2 players on sticks and 2 on pads?
i am very interested in 2, but the ones on line dont have the capcom logo. will these be printed on final product?