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I have a HOTD2 upright cab and also want to be able to play the other 4 compatible games with it. I realize HOTD2 requires it's own bios and BD. What I'm seeing conflicting or lacking information on is how to get the other 4 games easily swapped out.

One suggestion by Paladin in this thread was that his friend wired up a dual bios for him to swap other legit BD game boards. I envisioned this working like the dreamcast bios piggyback but not finding much info about having 2 bios same board with a switch for the naomi.

Another was to run a seperate naomi and net dimm with piforce to load the other 4 games. This would require disconnecting and potentially complete swap each time for HOTD2.

The main objective would he to easily swap to the other 4 games and HOTD2 quickly on game nights without a lot of time and effort involved.

Any ideas,diagrams,photos,etc.. are welcomed.
I just keep a dedicated naomi with the hotd2 cart and swap the whole thing out for a net dimm setup when swapping to the other games. I mean you could potentially keep both setups in the can and then just swap over the connectons when changing games.
You change both the BIOS and the rom cart, right?
I have a whole NAOMI1+HOTD2-BIOS+HOTD2 CART that I swap out for a whole different NAOMI1+MULTI-BIOS+NETDIMM

I also recased my HOTD2 setup in a normal plastic case that I paited red so I could easily tell it apart:
didnt the hacked HOTD2 get public yet?
someone fixed it - andy geezer at segashed was selling it - or offering to.
A vesion that works with stock BIOS (not HOTD2 BIOS) and NetDimm is not publicly released as far as I'm aware. I tried to convert it but there are some serious GFX issues.
The best birthday present I ever had :)
Thank you very much, @MetalliC
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well done.

i'm curious what you had to do.
some people said it needed locked eeproms on the motherboard,
others said it needed an early revision gpu?
So, in order to play you need an eeprom with the original THoTD bios ?, or with a normal bios (or multibios) could you play?
This Rom works with a "normal" netboot bios (don't tried with a multi)
To he clear, this works with a standard bios. No HOTD2 bios needed. I have not tried with the multi bios but should work. I'm sure someone will confirm.

I played all the way through yesterday using my S-JIHP and a Revolution X gun. Works beautifully. Just don't forget to turn the red blood in the options. ;)
that;s good to get that cleared up.
i presume you embeded the bios or changed the calls.

can the same be done for the other 2 or 3 games such as airline pilots?