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Neither. I had the original pcb but don’t want to run jamma in here. Running on launch box via the Phantom Canyon inside. Will soon also have a number of other pieces of hardware inside from Taito, Namco and others (stay tuned). But for the older stuff emulators took care of things without any noticeable difference and without the headache. I want this to be my “turn it on at the end of the day and know it’ll work” setup.
PS1 or original namco arcade PCB? What's do you use about upscaler?
Even made a matching Vewlix desktop background for the pc so it doesn’t look weird having w11 on here.


Hidden surprise in the back! Ya know, just in case you want to shoot back robbers, zombies and dinosaurs in the face….

Had this custom made based on my measurements of the Sinden light gun.