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first of all thank you for your effort.
the problem is with the short pads...they need to be like the ones on the pcb side(longer)
any way I will try to make the changes myself
Still a 3 minute effort. Check the download link in my previous post.

Excuse my ignorance, but why does the cps1.5 need a longer pad?

Aren't the short pads designed for an edge connector?
it does work but I had connections issues plus the extra length cause excessive flex on the fingerboard pcb
I'm working in these. The original idea is to make bootleg boards friendly with key lock at pin 7, but it also allows to attach a Sync processing board based on Martin Jones Sync Stabilizer or just preserve the edge of precious boards.


AllPCB can make bevel in so small boards.
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Here you go dawg. 3 minute effort. If you need other changes, I'll leave that to you.

necrobump for sure, but I want to say thank you for this design. I'm struggling with Arcaniac/Shadows running out of his stock for this. I burn through quite a few of these in my adventures in adapter making, and being able to have these sourced and fabbed en masse is very beneficial for me. I have no intention of selling these on their own, only used as components for adapters I make.

I'm going to shoot you a pm to talk about this more, but I feel like I should do something as a thank you to you and @Frank_fjs for this work :D