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It’ll probably have online since they’re looking into banapass emulation, ☝️☝️☝️👍
hi to all if I can I wanted to ask when the emulator will come out that reading seems to me in the home stretch meanwhile I congratulate for the great work to all the programmers for the great work I can not wait would be fantastic thanks to burp
Bro i'm so hyped for Zenkai.
The other one you guys made should be that JoJo battle royale game and my life is complete hahaha
hello we are all waiting for updates for this great development so we hope that the developers will let us know something about congratulations again by the guys make us happy
something tells me that this wasn't ment for the public and we aren't going to be receiving anything from this project.
also ive heard something of this project for about a year now
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hello no problem if they will never make it public just say it anyway compliments for development if they deserve them all then the decision and they just there is the communicate this seems right hello to all
I think they are looking for the boards for all of the games. I went onto the channel on the first post, and that's what I saw. Look at the community tab on that channel. Fighter's choice arcade is the channel. Please don't give up hope; It's probably very challenging this emulator with a small team if you look at the progress made on the Namco System 2xx emulator.
I know tecknoparrot has ways of using banapassport, not sure how that program works though. I just want that Zenkai battle 🤩
I know tecknoparrot has ways of using banapassport, not sure how that program works though. I just want that Zenkai battle 🤩
Dolphin has it too (I’ve seen videos). I don’t know how it works either. It’s not exactly the same thing as a memory card which emulators support. I know TP has servers that store save data so maybe that’s how.
Important update from me and my team:
Hi everyone, for those who have been very patient lately with any progress on this project, thank you a lot! We have been dealing with our own personal stuff lately which has prevented us from getting together lately. Most of you seem to also not understand that we have personal responsibilities to deal with.

That being said, we might have to postpone the project for a bit, not sure for how long but hopefully not by the end of this month. If we keep seeing more inconvenient and/or rude stuff show up on this thread, I will ask the mods to step in and lock this thread. Once again, thank you everyone who’s been following the project, your patience, and please excuse the delays.
I was looking at that and said to just not really look at the new messages unless its from the devs, its for them to give us notices, not for people to constantly be asking for new builds or when its coming out. This is a hobby project and just like let the team do their thing. Its cool to see lots of new people here but I am worried they are only gonna look at this thread and nothing else.
Not open for further replies.