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Mar 3, 2018
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Australia - Adelaide
SEGA System 16 / 24 Jamma Adapters
  • Button remapping via switches
  • Enig finish
  • Bevelled jamma finger
  • Gold plated jamma edge connector
Pricing in Australian dollars:


  • Within Australia:
    • $8.30 boxed with tracking
    • $4 padded envelope, no tracking
  • USA:
    • $24 boxed, registered, with tracking
    • $17 boxed, economy air, no tracking
    • $7.50 padded envelope, economy air, no tracking
  • Rest of world:
    • $29 boxed, registered, with tracking
    • $22 boxed, economy air, no tracking
    • $7.50 padded envelope, economy air, no tracking
  • Up to 5 x adapters in a box with no extra charge
  • Up to 2 x adapters in an envelope with no extra charge
I currently have 3 x adapters available. If there's demand I will order another batch.
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Ordered and paid for one of these in October last year, didn't get tracking from Frank, it never arrived and he's now incommunicado so might be better off looking for someone else's solution guys.
Ordered and paid for one of these in October last year, didn't get tracking from Frank, it never arrived and he's now incommunicado so might be better off looking for someone else's solution guys.
No solution was as good as Frank's. A shame :(
Just bumping this to see if anyone has found a solution the same as this anywhere?

I realise Frank has unfortunately been absent from the scene and he never released the gerbers for this (although i'd have happily bought one).

There are other options out there using jumpers but I always thought this was the best.
I'm not sure why the needs for dip switches on S16 adapters. What I remember is that buttons 1&2 were flipped on the most popular adapter, which was copied by others and led people to want to reorganize the buttons on this system specifically, because the non-configurable ones felt wrong (because they were wrong).

Here's a post I made on another forum detailing this mess:

Another thing to note about System 16 in general is that it requires an adapter to play on a JAMMA setup. The most popular adapter (black thing in my pic), is wired wrong and swaps buttons 1 and 2. I think a lot of other adapters are like that due to this wrong image that floats around:


I think people assume it's linear but it is actually

Button 3
Button 1
Button 2

As seen here in this image from Shinobi's manual:


And from the same manual, confirmation that "Attack" is supposed to be wired to the first button:


Some Japanese POP also showing this:

Due to this people assume System 16 buttons are just crazy and have no standard but it's not true, once you just swap buttons 1 & 2 if you have one of the bad adapters every game follows the familiar JAMMA-style button layouts.

This adapter lets you set the layout however you want (thanks to people thinking System 16 is an inscrutable button mess):


What's needed (and doesn't exist) is just a simple adapter that is wired correctly, like the adapters for almost every other hardware
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Yeah ok I actually assumed there was a need for button mapping given all the adapters i've seen. Thanks for the info though good to know and something to look out for.
I mean, you do need them because any adapter without them is guaranteed to have the wrong layout due to people copying that image or each other. I just think that instead of switches or jumpers they should just fix the layout
I was wondering why my Shinobi buttons were reversed when playing it in my Candy Cab (JAMMA). I had assumed this was normal since I've seen it before on my Juno First game by Konami, which was corrected to be reversed. But it turns out Juno First is the exception.

Thanks for confirming that the adapter is wrong. I will probably just fix it permanently by jumping the two inputs myself.
Edit: Turns out I have the once by Arcaniac which has jumpers.

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Konami stuff is weird, most Konami adapters have messed up controls for Gradius/Nemesis. In that game, shot is supposed to be in the middle, but some adapters put it on button 1, leaving button 2 as select and button 3 as missile, making it a pain to use shot and missile simultaneously:


For Juno First, I'm not sure if the placement of the shot button is how the designers actually intended or some weirdness with the western CP. A Japanese manual/POP/table panel for it would clear that up definitively.
Both Turtles games have jump on the first button. I found that always odd when playing on a regular candy cab.
I have what I believe is an original USDM Sega Jamma adapter that was part of an ESWAT conversion kit.

It puts special weapons on jamma button 1, shot on 2, and jump on 3. In the manual, the suggested button layout is to put special above shot and jump in like a triangle formation.

It never stuck out to me since many early Genesis games use B and C as the primary buttons with special weapons on A.

Yeah I guess the dedicated cabs they had with the triangle layout put the top button as button 1, and it made sense to adapt it like that (because having shot up there would be awkward). Some Sega City panels also had that layout, though some did the 3-across.



Every time I see a 3-across layout in the JP materials it's always shot first though. Though I have noticed what you mentioned with the MD as well, and speculated that the home division looked at some of the arcade manuals and saw the pinouts and copied from that, or had one of those weird triangle panels as their reference, or maybe adapted it "straight" to a 3-across layout and ended up with shot in the middle. There's even an indent on the B button on an MD pad signifying it's the primary button. Can definitely see how confusion arises, and I'm not 100% on it myself but I do know that swapping 1&2 makes them all play "normal" relative to most other JAMMA games, and a JAMMA adapter should need at most a single jumper/switch to flip 1&2 to your preference, rather than the full remapping capability I've seen people think is necessary on S16.
Reminds me of finding an official Sega-made Aero 2L12B on YAJ, never seen another before or since (I guess everyone used the SF branded ones with the annoyingly high LS-32 mounting)


What I'd like to see pop up is that single player panel with the super wide spacing between the lever and buttons that you see in the Aero promo materials. I honestly wonder if that even ever got released because I've never seen one apart from promo materials.

EDIT: Disregard, I have actually seen it and saved the pic (though it doesn't exactly match the promo pics, having the button surround art):


That's a JLW in there:

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Are these still plagued with the incorrect button issue? The one with the button remapper is out of stock. Doesn’t the HAS have a button remapper feature? Thanks for any advice
Yes, Indeed, I actually used HAS remapper last night with my Sega16 multi for proper mapping.