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Can we see a pic of your install?
I tried removing and reinstalling the multi a couple times, same behavior. I’ll try reburning rom 1-3 one at a time next unless you notice something I missed here
Just an update on my testing. I rewrote and verified ROM 1-3 and 14, no change. I pulled a few others and they verified just fine as well. I got tired and ordered a full preprogrammed set from buyicnow using the same rollup pack images. I verified each then swapped those in today and I get the same issue.

I did notice that I used a 68000 P12, would that potentially cause any issues -- I figured it would be underclocked and work fine but I figured I should mention it?

Otherwise i'll pull the multi and check for any cold solder joints, etc. If you have anything else i should check out please let me know. I have all the DIPS on the donor mainboard set to OFF as well -- originally they had DIP5 on for each of the DIP switch sets --that didn't seem to make any difference either.

68000 should be ok unless it's just bad. If you need to send it to me I can figure it out for you.
Yes. I should have a new batch next week.
Is that the same design as before? Or some new one as the S18? OLED display or so...