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I assume I would need a System 18 PCB to use this on or is this a stand-alone solution?
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Pretty much every multi sold on this site requires a real working board for that specific multi. The specific multi just basically changes the roms for you and runs them on your real board.

So the games run perfectly.

Mitsu, I'll take one but wouldn't hold my breath for Clockwork Aquario. Some company will sooner or later come crying with a C&D letter. I preordered the console version anyway but would be even nicer to play it on the actual arcade board.
Mitsu, could you add me for one to the list. I think wasn’t clear enough the last time 😆
Great to see that this project is progressing well:)
I'm definitely interested and please add me to the list for 1 System 18 multi.
I am
The time has come finally to gauge your interest and put together the official wait list. We have worked out the kinks that were delaying the launch of this multi for far too long. Now we will be battling the supply chain the same as everyone else but we are confident we can fulfill the demand for this kit. We originally wanted to have the bulk of this multi sold in a big batch but the situation won't allow that. We will do small batches as the parts come in. The great news is we already have enough of the 512MB flashes that we think we need to fulfill demand. The other flash will be sourced from various sources as needed.

The pice for this multi will be $275 plus shipping.

I will open a different thread for support of the multi soon.

So just state your interest and we will begin the list below.

DJSheep x 1
sk8er000 x 1
nonosto x 1
Sugar4salt x 1
Ekorz x 2
KRG x 1
R64 x 1
bodgit x 1
twistedsymphony x 1
LittleLarrySellers x 1
jassin000 x 1
chelnov x 1
Alxunderbase x 1
Kikaso x 1
johnfan1986 x 1
ShootTheCore x 1
BladeZX x 1
Opt2not x 1
Westtrade x 1
Mbandala x 1
Fivestars x 1
Bfontain x 1
Kaxas x 1
Mrhide x 1
Playero x 2
Asra x 1
TMF68k x 1
Haracker x 2
Psyko-m1 x 1
Seunghoon ahn x 1
Hyp36rmax x 1
Archimage x 1
Pastblaster x 1
Dexter x 1
Brentradio x 1
I'm interested in one piece.
This thread slipped in under my radar. Please add me to the list.
please add me to the list for one. i dont know if i asked already or not. def want it tho