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Jun 12, 2015
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New Bern, NC USA
I had another member here ask me to make him some power cables that will allow him to power his SUN PSUs directly from the wall without hacking up the original power connector. I ordered some parts to do it so I will offer it to other members as well. These are hand crimped.

Price is $25 each plus shipping.

I know there were a few different connectors used on the SUNs but this one is pretty common. It looks like this:


When the PSUs were originally installed in the cabs they were only grounded buy running the ground line of the cab to the case of the PSU. So if you request it I will include this cable that will plug directly into the existing power connector on your PSU in the empty middle pin. You then connect the other end to the case of the psu.


If your SUN psu uses a different connector then contact me. I can maybe make you a custom cable.
This would have been nice -- like 3 months ago. Now I'm going to feel bad every time I look at the hatchet job I did on my Sun...
Yeah... I just pulled it out and took a look. It told me I was a bad person and that next time I should ask Mitsu for a cable. Let that be a lesson to everyone else!
My ATX PSU that I use with my super gun gives me that same look... been there!

Definitely learned the lesson that it's always better to build an adapter than to hack something up.
What are the pins I need for that connector? I just ordered the connector but need to crimp the pins to the wires.
What are the pins I need for that connector? I just ordered the connector but need to crimp the pins to the wires.
That’s an AMP UP receptacle connector. You need pins 175149 or 175150 depending on the gauge of the wire you’re using.
I was able to get someone else to make a cable. Although I did end up ordering the connectors.
Hi Mitsu,

Just got a Sun psu and need one of your power connectors with the ground wire. Im using it to power my sega naomi with dimm brd and cf reader. By any chance does it make sense to add a switch to the wire so i can run it inside my blast city CP to power it on. Let me know if your still making these as id like to purchase one. Thanks.