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Aug 30, 2020
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Monroe, GA
Hey everyone,

I'm sure that everyone has heard about this new 26' LCD monitors with the old aspect ratio being released by Unico soon. I would like to get your take on them.
Of course leaving out the differences between CRTs and LCDs what do you think of this product?

Anyone planning to buy one to check it? I'm thinking on getting one just to check it out but I'm not pre-ordering it (just in case)
Also about the company Unico itself.... is it just me or does this company seems shady to you as well?

Anyway I do like the idea of these 4:3 26 LCDs even if is not for everyone I think that they could really fill a void in the hobby.
I am very interested and hopeful this product is released and well received. It has been asked for many times over the years and someone finally intends to bring it to market for a very reasonable price. I am curious about the company as well; I did send an email and it took awhile to get a response, but I eventually got one. I would like to hear from anyone that has ordered from them as well - again, I think there is a great place for this in the hobby and hope it is well received and encouraged to stay on the market.
I'm curious, but until they're shipping and people have hands on testing time there just isn't much to have an opinion on at this stage.
It's an interesting monitor if it's actually 4:3.

They advertise 4:3 resolutions, but there's conflicting info on whether this screen is 4:3 or 5:4 if you look through some of Unico's Facebook posts and videos. I don't think the actual native resolution of the panel was ever disclosed.

As mentioned, there's not much to say until we see an actual release.
I just did something crazy. I probably just lost $2000. I'll record some video when I get them so you guys can decide if is worth it or not.

as an unrelated topic.... never purchase anything when you a high
Hopefully you used a credit card at least! Not shipping until March at the earliest...
^ This. I respect the willingness to take a dive, but make sure you have a backup like a CC charge back possibility in case things go south.

I've since heard some not so great rumors about Unico, which I won't repeat since I don't want to just throw unfounded accusations, but it was enough to make me nervous about trying a pre-order. At least they've delivered real products you can actually buy before, so it probably isn't a total crapshoot.
Yeah, is on a credit card. I figure I'll give it a try. I wanted to buy 10 but $2000 is all I was willing to risk at this point. I they said that if the product was successful they may produce 4:3 next. I'll let you know what happens.

As much as I love RCTs maintaining them has become a nightmare I' always have at least 3 cabs with monitor issues. I can do the basic troubleshooting but anything advanced I take to a guy in Atlanta that fix them for a price. but you know.... they break again and again.

As of late I have been buying TV CRTs and this https://www.tindie.com/products/retronicdesign/rgbs-to-components-arcade-video-games-adapter/ in Tindie and honestly the Tvs are working great.

I also heard the rumors about Unico but I truly want them to succeed on this. Hopefully other companies will see that there is money to be made and jump on it as well. I purchased them more as a statement than anything else right now.

I'll do a review and a video when (and If) I get them for all to see. I'm not a Youtuber but hopefully this will help other ppl.
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Hi Everyone, I ordered 2 of the Unico 26" monitors. I love CRT's too but 27" CRT's can be a pain (in the back) to deal with.
I won't use a widescreen LCD monitor but this looks very promising for my needs.
I emailed Unico a few times with questions and every time they responded in 1 or 2 days so I felt their response time was good.
I want Unico to be successful with this 26" LCD so I pre-ordered. I'll be happy to share my opinions when they arrive.

Glad to see some of you taking the chance with this. I hope these turn out well!

I really want the company to do well and hopefully have other companies jumping in on this as well
Just in case you noticed or didn't notice this... There are 2 websites for the Unico 26" Monitor.
So I checked with Support to be sure they were both valid and safe to use.
Hi Support,
I am seeing 2 websites for your UNICO Phoenix ULM26 monitors.
#1. https://unico.myshopline.com/collections/Accessories
#2. https://shop.snkmvsx.com/collections/-Accessories
Are both of these websites your company?
Can I order these monitors from either site?
Thank you for your help.
Yes, both websites are ours. You can order from either site.
Thanks for your kind support!
Best Regard,
MVSX Support Team
now you need to decide if you want to give them a chance. my purchase is a leap of faith to be honest. I have no idea how things are going to turn out to be. But I hope they are successful