astro city

  1. H-Games

    FS Sega Astro City Cab For Sale

    I am currently selling my Astro City cab. Cab has been completely cleaned/polished, new side art from Hursit, new control panel from Alberto, new buttons and sticks, new 100Y sticker from Hursit, and will also a new Astro instruction strip. Local pickup near Ventura County or will ship as long...
  2. NFGx

    Custom CP Overlay Showcase

    Forgive me if this has already been done, I couldn't find anything in my brief search. I am going to build my own 1P Astro City panel. There aren't many 1P designs out there, so I figured maybe a gallery of the designs we've made or seen might be helpful, for inspiration or just showing off...
  3. jermz1

    Sega Sign 2&3 - Out of order placard

    Found this other cool sign a while back on a candy cab, also a listing popped up as well but overpriced. Seems to be a smaller sign, scale to whatever size you would like. Drew up the artwork for this as well...
  4. D

    Joystick wiring solution to avoid installing additional buttons (A+B=C)

    Hi all, I've only recently found this forum and I wish to share this mod as someone else may find it useful. Thank you for letting me join the group. I have a Sega Astro City mini stick and as we all know there is only a Select (credit) button and a Start button. I wanted to mod it with a Brook...
  5. darksofter

    How to fit a Naomi in an Astro city?

    Hello Everyone, I have a Astro City with Naomi 1, a compact flash to dimm setup all hooked up to a Capcom I/O powered by a PC PSU. How can I fit the Capcom I/O and the Naomi onto that wooden board and where would I put the PC PSU? Is there a way to wire the PC PSU into the same switch of the...
  6. I

    WTB Astro City Cab in Playable Condition

    Hey, all! Long-time game collector but this is my first time in the market for an arcade unit. I'm located in Burbank, CA, and am hoping to find something locally, if possible. Please go easy on me, I might have many questions since I'm new to all of this. I'm looking for an Astro City unit but...
  7. Softdrink

    Laser-cut Astro City Marquee Holder

    Overview Front view of the marquee holder installed on a New Astro City cabinet. A few years ago I created a DIY lasercut marquee holder for the SEGA Astro City and New Astro City arcade cabinet. This design wasn't perfectly accurate - I didn't have reference to an original holder at the...
  8. Scillianaire

    Busted the USB port on my Naomi 2

    Somehow mangled the USB port on my Naomi 2, any suggestions? Anyone have a digikey link for the part. I would love to repair rather than replace the filter board. Pics
  9. D

    WTB Sega Astro City/2/New Astro City/Blast City ~ Canada [CLOSED]

    Looking for any of the mentioned candy cabinets, Located in Toronto,Canada. Condition must be good. WIlling to pay market price.
  10. Scillianaire

    MS-9 horizontal collapsing and geometry issues

    Got a cab with an MS9 recently and the monitor seemed DOA. Took it to PNL and they got it back online but now it doesn’t maintain geometry and if you push the image right on the remote board it starts to collapse on its self -the displayed image is noticeably crushed/ more narrow to that side...
  11. Softdrink

    (New) Astro City Cashbox Shelf

    Overview A few months back, I designed a custom shelf to fit above the cashbox in the Astro and New Astro City cabinets. I've been very busy with work, so I only just finished documentation of it - but it's been working fine for me for over half a year. The project is open-source and I've...
  12. Sumez

    New Astro City PSU 5v range (and fix for low voltage)

    I just replaced a really wonky 5v adjustment pot on my New Astro City power supply (400-5261Y), and though the new one is rock solid, it seems there's still an issue with it. Even with the pot turned down to 0ohm, I only read around 5.45v at the edge with no game connected. This is enough, or...
  13. MrUppercut

    WTB WTB/T: Astro City 1L6B Panel

    I'm looking for a one player 6 button panel for an Astro City. Repro's are perfectly fine for me. I have a genuine 2L8B panel for trade, if interested. The buttons and levers are trash and need to be replaced. There is some rust on the bottom part.
  14. tDRG

    FOUND Astro City or Blast City Candy Cabinet

    I'm interested in buying my first cabinet, either an Astro City or a Blast City. I'd prefer local pick up in the greater New England area, but I'd consider shipping from somewhere in the US. I know they can be tough to come but, but if anyone is selling or has suggestions for places to buy one...
  15. war3zlod3r

    Naomi setup for Capcom Impress and Old Astro City

    I’ve recently bought an Impress and old Astro City I’m waiting for delivery on. And wondering what I’m going to need to install my Netboot Naomi in them, I have a Capcom IO board but I know from testing in my Blast that the Capcom IO board can’t support the netdimm but I have the JVS power...
  16. Softdrink

    Softdrink's New Astro City Restore Log

    I've always loved these cab maintenance and restoration logs, so I figured it was my turn to contribute a bit! I've already done quite a bit of work on the cabinet and will be sort of 'backfilling' this thread with progress shots until it catches up to the present; here are a couple (potato)...
  17. Softdrink

    Astro / New Astro City LED "Service" Light Mod + 3D Printed Mount Brackets

    Overview When working on my New Astro City, I noticed that the interior could get quite dark; doing maintenance tasks or connecting new game boards was often inconvenienced by the poor visibility. I decided to mount a 24" LED light fixture inside the cabinet, to provide some much-needed extra...
  18. F

    FS For Sale:Reproduction Neo Geo MVS-U4 candy cab panels

    Ok, so in fixing up a Neo Geo MVS-U4, I decided to have the control panels reproduced by a local metal shop and have some extras for sale. I have both the original 4 button and a special 6 button (Street Fighter/Astro City layout) panel. Panels are unpainted metal (no art) and include both the...