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I Apologize of lack of transparency this cab for sale $850 ( refurbished condition) need 7-14 days work to make it work and usable again, refurbishing will start after the dealing, i'm sorry if i'm not uploading a real photo cause i sent a real photo who chat me to see they are real or not, but here's the condition before the refurbishment.
*photo was taken today 20-03-2023
How much does it cost to ship one to USA? I assume $850 doesn't include shipping cost.
No offense to the seller, but damn those cabs are ugly. I’m all for fixer uppers/restoration projects, but they honestly look like they’ve been through a fire lol. They may be a more solid candidate for scrapping/selling parts rather than passing off as whole and dropping a steaming pile of rusted metal and burnt plastic on someone’s porch. Just my two cents.

Definitely in the best interest of the seller and potential buyer(s) to see a finished product of a fully “refurbished unit” before any money is exchanged.
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What is this metal cab?

Yes i was wrong.. I'm sorry guys
While refurbish/ing/ed/etc is an understandable mistake, there are two more red flags here.

1) You couldn't test the PCBs you sold previously, but have cabinets to test them with.

2) You don't have refurbished cabs to sell. You have beat up cabs that you haven't put the work into. You can't sell items that don't even exist yet.
Yeah my interest is piqued as far as what the refurbishment entails. What is included? Do you get a monitor/chassis, cp, wiring, io etc. Is the cab fully restored or just a good ole wipe down and call it a day? You need to be fully up front and transparent what your intention is here. No one knows exactly what you $850 price tag includes and the arrangements for shipping them. No one knows who you are and that is causing a lot of questions and concern. Do I want an Astro? Sure. Would I jump on this given the current info? Hell no. Make us trust you, who the fuck are you bud?
Just wait and see, i'll preparing the refurbhised $850 astro city cabinet with all feature worked. 🤝
I guess it can’t be helped…

Has anybody seen this picture before?

(Please note it’s a screenshot, it wouldn’t let me post the original for whatever reason)


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He means refurbished like DKOldies 🤭

I wanna say I have seen this pic before on FB in one of the Tommy/jcl Chinese FB groups. 🤔
Maybe it's time to go old-school forum style and take a pic of the cabs with your username and date. Then there can't be any questions.
He actually provided me a photo with the date because that was my immediate ask.

The world is a small place. Someone here has to know someone in Jakarta that can swing by. Sadly Indonesia is one of the few places I don’t have people I could hit up for this.

Can anyone find this on reverse image?

This dude seems like he’s an enthusiast, but I naturally think the best of people even if I verify. Also the date is current for the day I asked him for it.
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