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Aug 21, 2016
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Boston, MA
Happy Valentine's Day!
This is a game where you punch Hearts out of Cakes!

If you hadn't heard, they left a hidden test program inside Twinkle Star Sprites (TSS).
As a learning exercise, I expanded that program into something more playable.
Now, I hope you have fun playing it! It's 1v1, humans only (no AI), perfect for you and your Valentine.

Cake Fighter v1.01 Update Notes - 7.21.2022

This optional patch must be applied to the built v1.0 program files. For mame that's 224-p1.p1, DS multi "prom", or the whole neoSD .neo file. If you have a non-Euro bios, and cannot change that, I'd recommend patching the game. For US bioses you'll probably just have an extra "Credits" slot at the bottom of the screen, but it's kinda ugly since the other is centered. Japan bios will not display the updated title or continue screens. LMK if you have any problems.

Cake Fighter v1.0 Update Notes - 7.14.2022

Graphics & Sound

Cake Fighter title screen added
"Cake Fighter(?)" voice sample plays on the title screen, thanks to my daughter
"Cakes" background asset to char select / continue
"Cake Fighter" to transition screen and VS screen
"BossAttack!" is now "MaxRestore!" on a full POW meter
Cake Fighter related tips built into the Game Over / Countdown screen
Added "Loss Pose", post-match (and couple ways to bypass it since my daughter doesn't like it )
Added a nicer set of transitions between games, chara select, etc
Added animations/sfx for Round Start and KO (normal/reverse/extra/death/double)
Hold 'A' during the "vs." screen to use classic P1-blue/P2-orange palette for your Cake
(as a reminder, if you select your character with B you get the alternate palette even if it's not a mirror match)

Hold 3B to charge your POW meter, release at the level you wish to use
When triggering it, you get whatever level you were at, but it depletes your full meter (Risk/reward, love it)
Rapid 3b now does nothing, consequently, but you can keep trying it anyway
Damage scaling - the 4th+ hits are 1/4th the power, mainly so that...
Around ~30 hearts can be rendered on screen at once; maximum heartsplosions
Adjusted heart flight paths to have a little more width to accommodate more of them being visible
I also added a little slowdown starting on the 4th hit, so you can savor it

Bugs & Memory & Other
Soft Dips & Test Menu updated
Song 1A eliminated sound fx during a round, so it has been replaced with 2B instead
Tweaked Sprites 1st palette slightly so it's not a complete duplicate of Load Ran 1st palette
Bugfixed memory colission between smoke animation and combo counter/timer
Allocated a lot of other memory
Misplaced my own memory
Blindly nopped a subroutine that seemingly broke other things
Spent 6 hours hunting down one blank frame between round transitions, and fixed it
Then spent 2 hours hunting down one weird artifact that only showed up on a crt, and fixed it
Label file added to this post, in southtown-homebrew.com printing format

Previous 2.14.2022 Beta Release Features
Appropriated TSS HUD & Combo counter
TSS-style health system. Each hit is +health for you and -health for your opponent
'Best of 3' style matches
POW meter that restores health & bombs
Bombs warp characters to a random X / Y location, much of the time on-screen
Multiple cake colors, taken from your character's boss palette
Randomized TSS Music & character-dependent SFX
Awful but present scoring system
No walls, you just wrap around to the other side of the screen

D Pad - what you'd expect
A - quick punch
B - medium punch
A+B - long punch
C - only used to trigger Fever/POW below
D - not used, you're welcome
Back,Back - hop backwards
F,F - rush forwards
??? - block??? nope

Special Moves
QCF+A - fireball
F,D,DF+A - dragon-punch/upward ball attack
Back,F+A - hold back briefly, sumo-headbutt style move
D,U+A - hold down briefly, flash-kick style move
U, QCB+P1 - jump, then dive-bomb
Rapid B - turn into a cat?
Hold C, charge, release - use fever/POW meter (replenishes health, or health+bomb)
A+B+C - Bomb = random teleporter
(If you find any others specials, let me know)

IPS files attached, use LunarIPS to apply them.
Use Euro bios or apply the v1.01 patch.
Send vids. Practice up for EVO.


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I'll see if I can get it working my my NeoSD. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll check it out.
I'll see if I can get it working my my NeoSD. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll check it out.
I don’t know how they organize files, but if you get stuck just send me the twinklestar rom that works on neoSD I can figure it out.
Just tried on MiSTer and it runs great. The flash-kick move is OP. :thumbsup:
My favorite thing to do right now is to bomb and then instantly release a flash kick, hoping that the bomb warped the other cake into the path of destruction. Heartsplosion!
Anyone know who can design & print some custom MVS cart/box labels for this game? I wanna get some in English and Japanese. Tried a couple stores already but nobody wants to do any custom work for a tiny run of just a couple labels.

Doing a little housekeeping before I burn this thing to roms

Just realized if I scaled the combo damage I could get way more hearts on-screen during large combos.
So this is happening (and no I'm not totally sure yet if I have the memory space for it to be 100% safe...)
If anyone out there wants to test out a v1.0 release candidate on MAME or a DS Multi, shoot me a note!
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[Sometime in 2034]
And so it came to pass...
Cake Fighter was unleashed on an unsuspecting public, where it slowly grew in dominance as the goto fighter, helping to revive the struggling completive fighting scene.

Box quote:
"Come dip your fist in frosting, and punch that candy-ass cake silly!!!" -jassin000

Now just get all that put on a Southtown shockbox insert. :D
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