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Hi @Darksoft!

Is the CPS1.5 potentiometer for adjusting the volume on the multi a 2k pot? I have a Jasen case and I am going to run some leads out to the front of the case with pots there, to adjust the volume.

I know the A board one is a 2k.

@Darksoft just wanted to check ONCE more before I take the multi CPS1.5 volume pot off. It seems to be an 8.8k Pot - measured as that. There is a mid point at 4.4kohm, and it seems like the value it operates at on the board is 4.4k-8.8k?

Thanks - I just want to take if off once... :)

Take it off. When it's soldered there are a lot of elements that will change the value of the resistance of that pot. You're gonna have to unsolder it either way, right?
Ok - when I have the new 2k pot hooked up - I don't get any sound out the JAMMA edge. If I unhook the POT, I get sound.

looking at the board from the front edge - I assume the right most pin for the POT is pin 1 (ground) , pin 2 is the variable, and pin 3 is the input?

I have tried every combination of those 3 wires and the behaviour is the same.

I also checked the pot after I took off - its definately a 9.0 or 9.2k POT.

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Ok, so there is ppace for 2 pots, one is J9 and the other is J6.

J6 is not needed anymore but was there during the tests. It's value is 2K.
J9 is mounted and it's nominal value is 10kOhm. Sorry for the confusion.


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The MiSTer comments are likely people hoping for an ongoing echo chamber online to validate their choices on how to game.

No one ever really asks for that mob to chime in, it just shows some level of insecurity that that crowd has.

Just be comfortable with your choices and deal with the FACT that emulation on MiSTer will never be as accurate or as cool as real hardware.

Get in where you fit in.