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One thing we've noticed while doing the M92 multi is that not only does mame not fully emulate the full power and ability of the hardware but neither does MISTER. Maybe the core was based off of mame mostly.

in layman's terms they work well enough to play the games and do that pretty well but you could never use either as a development platform because they dont clone EVERY function of the hardware.

In fact, many of the cores that people believe to be "perfect" simply are not. But what you don't know can't hurt you -or- ignorance is bliss.

On a related developers note, M107 is a super powerful platform that only ever had a fraction of its power used. EVERY single game could have just been done on M92. If someone really tried they could make AMAZING games on M107.
I can say that this is the case for the CPS1 so far. I am looking at this and seeing that the core is not running at the correct speeds, and the FGC really would like to see this core 1:1 one day. It's making us suspect the CPS2 cores, so tournaments based on these cores should not be used if the goal was to use MiSTer instead of actual boards to run them. If running tourneys on MiSTer or emulation is a must then at least let people know what they are getting into. Caveat Emptor....
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