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Sweet. Got my estimated delivery date. Will be having fun later next week. :)

I'm guessing that when Mitsu has the additional PCBs ready (for maybe an LCD condenser PCB and for passing the JAMMA audio through the RCA connectors?) those will be posted about here in the CPS1 forum, or should I be looking elsewhere?
hi DS, will be available a pack for download like CPS2? I think I'm all set :D:thumbsup:thanks in advance
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want to start purchasing the multi-kit now, can I start by commenting that I will buy it here, purchase the multi-kit from Save Your Games and wait?
Both HighScoreSaves, SaveYourGames and CandyCabClub should receive this week a lot of units from me and the packages will cotinue coming to them during the next 2 weeks. Notice that the box where the kit comes has a special antistatic foam, 2 levels of components, so you are guaranteed that they reach to you in one piece. Because of that, they take a significant amount of space and I have to send them in boxes of 9 units each, so it's a lot of packages with just 9 units each. About 30+ boxes are leaving towards them altogether....

In short, in the next 2-3 weeks, doesnt matter when you bought, you will informed about your box being shipped to you. Now, if you want to make it into this first batch, go grab yours directly from one of the distributors, while there are still units left....then you will only be able to see how others play :)
What’s the surprise you mentioned @Darksoft - anyone got their kits yet that can drop the knowledge ?
Are units from HighScoreSaves shipping? I purchased very early from them.
Mine shipped Friday but I got the notification on Sunday.

I think I was one of the first to order, as well. When I went to the site on 1/22 the product wasn't even up yet. I refreshed until it was up. I placed my order.