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First of all, happy new year everyone.
I did the menu update keeping the same fw
I played 3h first on the slot 1, loading sometimes other games. Then I had a second and then a third game and I had a crash, black screen during loading. I switched off and on back on the menu the third game on slot 3 was not loaded. I then removed, from the sd card, the buffer and slot 1 and 2 from the PC, then I could load 3 games on the 3 slot. Is there any idea about the issue of the slot loading crash ? I guess it is nothing to deal with the menu. Does a reinstall of the fw can be an option to resolve the issue?

Hi is there any suggestion for my issue ?

This happened to you once only, right? And the outcome was that the game was not loaded into the slo, right? Well that could happen if your SD card sometimes is not good or fast enough, but trying to write again the game into the slot should fix it.
Thank you for your answer,
At the beginning it was working very well, one day it starts to have this issue. Last week after a load on the 3 slots the last one didn’t complete and was actually empty (when I did a switch off and on to go back to the menu. )
So for such kind of issue, the problem might mainly come from the sd card ? Ok I will try another one.
Where would one find a list of all the supported roms for the most current firmware and the correct naming of all those folders???

Thanks in advance!
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hello, I am a new owner of the MVS cartridge, thank you very much for your darksoft work, I wanted to know if we can update the menu and the firmware at the same time?
Updating my MVS to the latest menu/FW/rompack (Darksoft Neo Geo 2021-12-14), but I see in the latest menu update support for Xeno Crisis was added, how do would I get this as it is not included in the pack right?
Hello, if I want to delete all the games on my sd to put a new set of Roms, is there anything to do at the cartridge level? Thanks
I’m considering downgrading to a previous firmware since others have said that resolves the crash in Samurai Shodown 3. Is the most recent version prior to current the file in the OP that says r1173?

Edit: I see that the r1173 link is actually dead, and from reading others’ replies a downgrade results in no sound in Samsho3. Frustrating that there’s no good workaround for this issue.
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Is there any sense of when SS3 might get fixed? Is it a matter of just not having a consistent way to reproduce the problem(s)? Or just finding the time to dig in?

Either way, thanks for your effort with this product.
I too would love an update on this as well. All versions of Samsho3 have crashes, while every other Samsho game runs fine!

My cartridge restore to defaults every time I turn on…(I have a MV1A with unibios 4.0)

An idea ?

Thanks !!