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Jun 1, 2023
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Hi guys! After many years... I am thinking seriously about getting a New / Astro City.

Unfortunately, it won't pass through my doors, so I should take it apart in the garage (even quickly because I don’t have space to hold it there) and reassemble it upstairs in my box room...

I am not fully convinced to go ahead because I am aware of how stubborn might be the screws (or bolts) at the base section. Also, I would need to take apart both of the two halves from the base because even if I leave the front one screwed at the base it would still be 750mm wide. (My view is based on what I could see here http://1play100yen.blogspot.com/2011/08/how-to-strip-new-astro-city.html).
Also, I need to consider that If I have to drill a screw, I don’t know how easy is to find a replacement screw or bolt. (and maybe I could damage the cab in this process).

Alternatively, I should get an Aero and avoid all the hassle, but I do like the New/Astro.

What’s your experience about dismantling and reassembling these cabs?
They are all slightly less than 750mm
750MM = 29,5276 inches

Dimensions:750 (W) x 905 (D) x 1445 (H) mm


I would so try it!
It's not hard to disassemble but get a set of good quality Japanese screwdrivers so you don't strip the heads
Have you done that?
I found a video about, and I realized that I need a quit bit of space to move around and laid down the cab. Peraphs I am a bit tight… 🤔
Have taken 2 apart to get them into my house, 3 doors and a narrow hallway.
As mentioned, make sure you have the right screwdriver, no2 JIS worked perfectly for me
make sure you have someone to help you with the monitor, unless you are going to lay the cab on its back first

This is the screwdriver I used, and it's big enough to get a good grip for those case screws!
Good luck
A set of small Mole Grips helped me with a really worn screw in the base of a Windy last time it was dismantled.
All good point guys, thanks!
I didn't know about that the reassemble part could be hard. I will think about it...
My wife is my assistant :)

I wonder if you have any pictures taken during the dismantling about of the only base. Are there many harnesses to detach from the front halves?
Sega cabs are really well made, the cables and harness are modular, so long as you take some photos before you unplug something, you should be OK
the Monitor has a power, and video cable to unplug, and there's also the remote board for adjustments under the control panel. make sure you unplug them all before trying to take the monitor out

when you split the cab, nearly everything electrical is in the back part. just the coin mech really at the front to disconnect.

Just pray for a nice dry day when it arrives :)
I would say go for it. I've done it to help someone get a cab through a narrow door and a flight of stairs. The absolute worst case is that you may have to dremel through a bolt when splitting the halves. It almost certainly won't come to that though, and I wouldn't even worry if it does.
I had to take apart my Astros to get them through a narrow door.

Like everyone has said, worst case you'll have a stripped screw (I did - a bad one). But for the most part it is just time consuming, not really that hard.
I have taken apart 8 or 9 of them for deep cleaning. Once you get good at it you can have the whole cab torn apart in about an hour. Really though; take the monitor shroud off, take the monitor out, then disconnect all the wiring that goes between the two halves. Use JIS drivers to loosen all the screws securing the two halves of the shell and you can usually run them out quickly with a drill (use the torque setting so you don't strip anything!!!!). You'll also need to take the rear casters off as they bolt the rear shell to the bottom. Then the two halves should then come apart.

Good time for cleaning also while it's apart! These things are usually CAKED in cigarette residue inside. Super clean at 5:1 dilution will make easy work of it.
The real tricky part is reassembling everything back correctly. Like others have suggested, get yourself a a nice Japanese screw driver.

Like this one...

Impact driver can help but not what i would call necessary. But they can make life easier and you will be glad to have one with some of these hard to remove screws.
This is one i got

Take this opportunity to clean and perform any maintenance if the cab needs it. I mean might as well while you have things taken apart. I had to give mine a nice wash with the hose and some dilution mix. You will be surprised how dirty they can get. But most importantly, keep track of everything! There are a lot of parts to a cabinet.
Thanks for all your tips guys.

I nearly convinced myself to go for an Aero City (which I like too), just to jump all these passages. I love to do this stuff, of course, but I will need to prepare a few things for this like tidy the garage and change dramatically the layout of my box room. Anyway, it will be for a good reason.

I am back on my original idea to get an Astro after your comments… I thought it was not common to get it apart just to get it in the house… will see… it will take a bit before will happen… (anyway the Areo is in my head too now :)

I will start getting the right screwdriver first… did you find the ones suggested long enough? Maybe a T one will be good too?
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Also, what type of bolts are used to assemble the halves of the Astro (the stubborn one)? Perhaps I will get a couple before getting the cab...
Is super easy ✌🏻. at least .. for me was easy . i found that when i was in front in the front door apartment …. we bring this up along with other 3 persons . 4 persons , 2 floors , 16 steps + from the front of block enter building where the driver left it .
If i knew , i would have disassembled it after the driver left it in front of the building 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻 (it would have been much easier to climb with it to the 2nd floor)


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Also, what type of bolts are used to assemble the halves of the Astro (the stubborn one)? Perhaps I will get a couple before getting the cab...
No Bolts just very long screws that hold the front to the back, which is why a quality JIS screwdriver is essential, take it easy and you shouldn't have any issues :)