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these are perfect if your cab doesn't have -5 or a voltage.
I bought 5 wish I had bought more
I'll need 11 for the rest of my cabinets
I can't live without a RECO. I mean I probably could, but I wouldn't enjoy half of my games without it!

The best autofire you can buy! Always worth the wait.

The button mapping feature is wonderful! :love:
I’ll be watching for the next batch. Got a few more cabs that need this. :)
Does anybody here have a spare JST XH 6 pin connector and some pins for the kick harness? Thought I'd ask before placing an order :)

Edit: found some.
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If there will ever be another RECO, wiring in a (non-RECO due to conflicts with the button holding and multicart) autofire circuit to my MVS cab gave me an idea: A header for a switch or latching button that can be used to instantly enable/disable the RECO with whatever settings were last programmed onto it. I find that my autofire configuration is almost always the same for most games, clone input 1 to button 3 and apply autofire to the one on button 3 (I think most people have some typical configuration they like to use, even if not exactly this). That's how I have my MVS cab set and it can be applied with a flip of a switch, it's actually really nice to just have it on demand with one quick action, particularly with multis where you need it on some games but not others. You avoid having to open the cab and check if the LED has come on to enter/exit programming mode. I think a switch or latching button rather than a soft button would be best so it can be easily seen/felt what mode it's in. Just a thought, no idea how practical it would be to implement.
@RGB I've been using the Reco for many years (all different versions except the original).

Amazing device which works with hundreds of my PCBs!

I recently tried Chouji Meikyuu Legion, but it has strange behaviour with the Reco - auto fire doesn't work.

If you enable auto on a button and hold down, it makes your ship move in 1 direction.

Has anyone else been able to try this game with the Reco?