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I have the 8 pin version bought years back

Darn I was all excited too lol
Fun fact: I just noticed that the RGBS cable that comes with the GBS pcb, is the perfect size for the kick harness header on the Minigun...just a couple pins extra. Good to know! 😉
Wired me up a 9 pin mini din to RGBS this morning...works great! 😁


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Another question...how would I correctly wire up a kick harness for the Minigun header pins? Like orientation-wise? I can easily find pinout diagrams for specific pcb's, but is there a pinout diagram for the Minigun?
Anyone know if someone makes power cables for these?
Get an old computer power supply. chop off one of the 6 pin ATX power cables (intended for GPU). Solder ends (as per silk-screening on bottom of minigun) and use your cable. The 6 pin ATX end should fit perfectly into your power supply header on the minigun.
Years ago when I used to build a lot of these miniguns, I would just harvest power cables from DELL servers etc as they were really good quality thick cables. Never had any issues.

I assume Frank is still not around. His legend still lives on strong in his amazing products. :happy: