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Hi everyone, I've seen the cost of "SCSI2SD 3.5″ 50-Pin SCSI To SD Card Adaptor" has been expensive as hell. From 70$ to 200€. Where I bought them on ITEAD they're out of stock. I need to buy 3 or 4 of them. Do you know any site where to buy the adaptors? Or is there another sd reader solution? https://itead.cc/product/scsi2sd/
Thank you!
Please help me
I used SCSI2SD ver 5.0a It always halted after I select region than when I turn off and on
It always re-write game I don't know what going on
That's happened to me previously because I used the standard cd when I shouldve used the custom cd.
You need to confirm which SH-2 you have in your cartridge. Do you know if it has a standard SH-2, or a custom SH-2? This is what determines which disc image you should be using.
Take a pic of the cartridge (disassembled) and post it so we can advise you if you're not sure if it's standard or custom
This is my SETUP before CPS3 System, It always halted so many Time


I got CPS3 MultiBIOS SH-2


I use SCSI2SD ver 5.0a with Firmware v4.8.04 and micro SD-CARD 2 GB

I setup config as shown in picture for Device Size 700Mb and 650Mb got the same problem, I try so many time



When CPS3 Finished , System shown Region selection menu , When I select them it Always halted I try more than 50 times, Please help me